Case Study 1

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Apr 17, 2023
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Case Study 1 - Chicago Art and Theatre, Shakespeare - Due 1/30/2022 Dear Students, You will find the Case study - Chicago Art and Theatre, Shakespeare as part of Chapter 1 of the Stukent Mobile Marketing e-book. Please provide complete answers to the following Questions: 1. Discuss the effectiveness of mobile marketing bringing art to life by combining it with theater. With theatre and art goers on the decline, Will and George Come to Life One Sunday Morning was an effective yet unique marketing campaign that brought people back into the theatre and turned into a great success. Prior to this marketing campaign, ticket sales were on the decline and many people were not interested in purchasing seasonal packages. However, with the collaboration of these two separate organizations, The Art Institute of Chicago, and Chicago's Shakespeare Theatre, they were both able to grab the attention of museum goers and eventually social media when they replaced a significantly important piece of artwork for a fake. Once this fun stunt brought awareness of the campaign, they were able to promote an opportunity to win a free trip with just one simple text message. This alone allowed many to go to the play as well as enter in the contest. Not only that, but after attenders texted for the contest, they were sent a video of everything that happened at the Art Institute. By sending the video, it brought major awareness to the participants, who then shared the video on social media. All the shares and attention this video received immediately also brought in more people which sold caused them to even sell out of tickets and continue the play for another week. In fact, " More than eight million media impressions were gained from this event within 24 hours... [and] 17% of those who received the video via text were now opted in to receive future correspondence from CST...insuring a new database of theatre and arts champions" (Lazare, 2012). This proves how effectively the art and theatre world marketed a campaign through mobile marketing. 2. What other mobile marketing channels would you suggest that a campaign like this could use in today's mobile enabled device environment? While this campaign was still very successful, they only connected with the audience through a basic text message. While the video was reposted onto social media platforms, the original video was not intentionally sent to people to get shared onto social media. While the mobile marketing world is always changing, it is very important for marketers to be able to connect with potential customers in the moment and create a connection, loyalty, and engagement. I believe they would still find success in sending
text messages, however, it would also be very important to accommodate customers and connect with them through what they like using best, whether that be email, text, or various social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook. I would suggest that Instagram would most likely be a useful app to use to campaign for the art museum or theater. 3. Make a list of ways that you could combine two different types of organizations to create mobile marketing programs Just like the museum and theatre combined their two different types of organizations to create successful marketing programs, it could also be done with other organizations. For example, if you combined Banana Boat Sun Care Products and RayBan Sunglasses, you could promote safe sun care products. Also, you could... - Create incentives and rewards through purchases of either organization o EX: purchase of RayBan Sunglasses allows for a customer to get free sunscreen or purchase of sunscreen gives customers discount for RayBan Sunglasses - Emails and text messages could give customers coupons and other special deals - Social media posts through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook on both organizations' accounts could advertise both products. - Educational videos of sun care items (sunglasses and sunscreen) could be sent to customer after online purchase. The videos could also be sent on both companies' social media platforms - Follower or subscribers of either organization could receive even more deals and special promotions for either company
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