Advertising and IMC Strategies for Dyson's Men's Electric Razor

MODULE 10: ASSIGNMENT #9: Advertising and IMC Type of Assignment: Individual Submission Length : 60 Minutes Submission : SLATE Assignments You can select any one of the scenarios below. Based on the scenario, answer the questions, and complete the IMC Chart. Please note these are scenarios that might happen in the future and your job is to answer the questions in the context of these scenarios. Scenarios: 1. Dyson is launching a men's electric razor in Canada 2. Fisher-Price Company who is well known as a manufacturer of children's toys is launching a new line of children's clothing 3. Paramount Fine Foods is opening 5 new locations in Toronto. 1. Which company did you analyze? Dyson 2. Describe your target audience? Include demographics, psychographics behavioural factors. The target audience is most likely to be men because its main focus is to open a men's electric razor in canada.The age group varies for this as visiting the website,it is seen that the age group is mainly between 16-60. 3. What is the promotional objective? The promotional objective is to develop the best products in the world by combining rigorous artifacts with work on future Dyson products and real responsibility from day one 4. What is your point of differentiation? What message do you want to deliver? We would like to deliver that the product is human friendly and unlike the other brands, it is long lasting and very durable. It is also water resistant and provides great comfort while using it.The trimmer also has a unique self-sharpening blade which is useful so that it doesn't require any other operation. The best product you can get for a best price
Promotional Tool Describe how you could effectively utilize each tool. Using examples . If you would not use a particular tool, state why you would not use it and justify your reasoning. Advertising Dyson do not focus much as advertising as they focus on mouth to mouth communication to set up the word. Personal Selling They do personal selling to large marketers as well as producers and other artist to review their product Public Relations They have a very good relation with the customers. Their products are available at most of the electronic shops which makes it very easy for them. Sales Promotion They mostly promote their products through events and other programs which they ofter organiise. Direct Marketing They are exploring opportunities in direct marketing, though it is too early to say what form any activity they might take. Digital Marketing Dyson's marketing mix plan has a combination of word-of-mouth communication and digital marketing techniques which they use social media platforms to advertise their products. TO ASSIST YOU WITH EACH TOOL: Advertising : Any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization, good, service, or idea by an identified sponsor. Direct Marketing : A promotion alternative that uses direct communication with consumers to generate a response in the form of an order, a request for further information, or a visit to a retail outlet.
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) : The concept of designing marketing communications programs that coordinates all promotional activities—advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing—to provide a consistent message across all audiences. Personal Selling : The two-way flow of communication between a buyer and seller, designed to influence a person's or group's purchase decision, usually in face-to-face communication between the sender and receiver. Public Relations : A form of communication management that seeks to influence the feelings, opinions, or beliefs held by customers, prospective customers, stockholders, suppliers, employees, and other publics about a company and its products or services. Sales Promotion : A short-term inducement of value offered to arouse interest in buying a good or service.
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