Winters, A. Module 2 Case Study

Module 2 Case Study Case Questions: 1. Describe the different visitor market segments that Las Vegas appeals to. Use demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic bases for segmentation in creating your descriptions. - Las Vegas appeals to a very large market of people with all different segmentation bases. They appeal to all ages, races, social classes, genders, and everything in between. In a psychographic segmentation, Vegas appeals to young adults in their 20's looking for a place to be wild and party as well as retirement aged individuals who are wanting to gamble. In a behavioral segmentation, Vegas appeals to the same group of people; people who are wanting to have a good time and gamble money as well as people who are going to watch their favorite artist or go to their favorite show while they're there. It may also target different ethnicities because of all the different themed hotels, restaurants, and casinos. In a demographic segmentation, Vegas may appeal to very wealthy people looking for a extravagant weekend or others down on their luck looking for an easy way to make some money. This also appeals to young people and the older generations. In a geographic segmentation, they target everyone in the World, but especially the U.S. They have plenty of appealing places to have fun and attract more people. 2. What are the target markets of the new inter-national hotels in Las Vegas? Go to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino website to find out more information about the hotel's target market. - Las Vegas has a wide variety of hotels; some that recreate sites such as Italy, Paris, the South Seas, and Arabia. People have the chance to stay at a hotel that might represent their culture. They also target the wealthier customers with very fancy hotels with lots of amenities and attractions. The Bellagio Hotel was built in 1999 to make Italy a pleasure with over 3,000 hotel rooms. The rooms range from $200+ depending on the day of the week and the time of year going. These rooms are on the higher end which targets the wealthier customers. There are also lots of amenities and entertainment options; from the casino, the theater, or watching Cirque Du Solei shows. There are also lots of bars, lounges, clubs, and restaurants surrounding the hotel which targets a people who want the Las Vegas nightlife scene. 3. What types of targeting strategies are these international hotels using? Is it differentiated marketing, concentrated marketing, or undifferentiated marketing strategies? Be specific, explaining your reasoning. - Las Vegas using many different strategies to reach and target certain customers. It is important for them to build high quality hotels and provide customers with high quality fun and entertainment. People spend the most money on their hotel rooms, entertainment, and in the casinos when they go to Vegas. Las Vegas uses a differentiated marketing strategy; they are identifying market segments with different preferences for a particular product category and targeting each segment with different bands and different marketing strategies. They need to target all different ages, races, genders, social classes, cultures, etc. and they do that with different brands, entertainment, hotels, and casinos. They might advertise an awesome pool party with lots of free drinks to young people in college who don't have as much money to spend. They also might advertise a penthouse with special casino access to a wealthy retiree. Las Vegas targets customers by giving them many different experiences, opportunities, and making them each feel special and connected to what they are doing.
4. What is the positioning strategy that the Wynn Las Vegas hotel is using to attract its visitors? Is it attribute/benefit, price/quality, use or application, product user, competitor, and/or product class? Or a combination of brand positioning strategies? Justify your answer. - The Wynn is the most expensive resort built in Las Vegas history and has 2,718 rooms, a golf course, an art gallery, 19 restaurants, and a Ferrari-Maserati dealership. They have a 111,000 square foot casino with 2,000 slot machines and 136 table games. The Wynn realized that customers highly value a nice, luxury hotel with an exclusive feel. They use a combination of brand positioning strategies by targeting many different customers; from people who love cars, to people who want to golf, to people who love art, to people who just want the finer things in life.
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