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Apr 20, 2023
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Criteria Please Respond Below Student name Cindy Fang Student number 101336368 Brand evaluated Frankie Collective Part 1: PESO In this section, provide the following: Create a list of Paid, Owned, Earned, & Shared Media for one brand (total of 8 are required) Earned media: Article on the brand by HOLR Magazine, collective/ Earned Media: Article on an Interview by HypeBae, video Earned Media: Article on the brand and their impact of environmental-conscious fashion by Accesswire, Acquires-Frankie-Collective-to-Advance-Environmentally-Conscious-Cutting- Edge-Fashion Owned/Shared media: Instagram account, @FrankieCollective Owned media: Brand website, Shared media: Review by @JustaFashionGirlfromChicago on YouTube, Paid Media: Instagram ads, id=724512469257574 1
Paid Media: Email marketing from [email protected] (e-newsletter), I chose the news article by Accesswire because it highlights how the brand is different from others and changing the game by being environmentally conscious while style keeping things in style. The Instagram ads and email marketing newsletters showcases their different pieces, inspirations from current trends, and how each article of clothing is unique and original yet functional. PART 2: AIDAR In this section, provide the following: For each of the 3 images you provided and highlighted in Part 1: o In 1 sentence, describe the activity, in other words what's happening? e.g., imagery, headlines, call-to-action, offers o Identify where the media activity would reside on the AIDAR marketing funnel e.g., Interest o In 1 sentence, provide rationale as to why you feel that activity falls withing the level on AIDAR that you identified. Paste image below Describe Activity Level on the AIDAR funnel Rationale as to why it falls on the level identified 2
1 Imagery to showcase the product with the caption detailing features with "Shop Now" CTA interest By introducing the details on different pieces and showing me what it looks like, it lists the benefits and attributes to pique my interest in the clothes 2 Call to action to take up the offer for discount Desire/Action The email reminds the user that the promotion is ending soon and showed some items that I've scrolled through which I've "liked". Rekindling the interest to become Desire to purchase. I think it could also be Action since here is a strong CTA to urge the buyer to making a purchase with Promo code 3 Headlines showing how the brand is different from others Attention Some people might not be aware of the brand, but after reading the about the collab between two eco-friendly brands would make some readers want to know more about the brand. 3
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