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To: [email protected] From: Cc: [email protected] Hi Stacey, Following our internal progress update meeting, me and the team have gathered a list of potential candidates for our upcoming collaboration. Please refer to the document attached in this email. Thank You. ************************************************************************************************************* [This document outlines the candidates for our upcoming marketing collaboration] After thorough research on Linkedin, I found 9 potential candidates that will suit our needs for this upcoming collaboration. Most candidates work as a brand marketing manager with years of industry experience. They tend to focus more on the branding side of marketing, which aligned well to our partnership goals for summer of 2023. Hence they will certainly help improve our social media presence, especially for our new product lines. A common theme from these candidates is their experience in creating social media presence, mainly in Facebook and Instagram. Most are experts in search engine optimization, which we definitely need. They tend to also be very active on the Linkedin platform. Almost all the candidates have a Featured section to showcase the interesting activities that they are all involved in. This is usually where they try to show the impact that they made. Most are also excellent communicators. They have superior writing abilities, as seen throughout the blog posts they published on their profile. Some even have certifications in communications and writing. Hence, these candidates will be able to help us develop our new blog posts. Furthermore, most candidates are not from a Marketing major, and they tend to have their own startup business to showcase their abilities.
Candidates List 1. Janet Lee Johnson Based on our business needs, I believe that Janet Lee Johnson is the best pick for our collaboration. Her experience in handling large Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-size entrepreneurial organizations, like us, was a big factor that I considered. As a startup technological company, we could definitely use her expertise as we need a tech enthusiast like her. Moreover, she has a lot of technical skills that will definitely help us. Reading through her section, she seems to be very knowledgeable in what she is doing. Her tone and bullet points usage to showcase her skills works really well. However, she does use a lot of run-on sentences. Her first sentence could easily be divided into 2 well-formed sentences, which will
make her writing easier to skim. She also uses a lot of jargon that are standard in the industry - such as SEM & SEO - showing that she is, in fact, knowledgeable. Another thing that stands out to me the most is the number of endorsements that she has. This increases her credibility as a marketer that is widely appreciated in the industry. 2. Matt Kurata Matt is second on my list. His language usage is simple and efficient. We can easily skim through his bio and understand the main points easily. He also promotes himself as a communicator, connector, collaborator, and creator. These are all important qualities for a marketing manager. By organizing his sentences this way, he is able to showcase his skills in a unique and less boring way. This is something that we need to apply to our marketing principles as well. He also showcases his work really well. Not only that he listed his recognized work, he also attached links for us to read it. While Janet has the most impressive number of endorsements, Matt has the most organized and well-designed Featured section. This adds credibility to his work and talents in the industry. He also uses a little bit of anecdote to talk about his passions, adding colors to his About section.
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