Class 06 Activity - PESTLE AND FIVE FORCES

:5565ToQlNNitNNiIHHcFGFFQl ± 6112KJJeLLgFGFFQl /*IHHcToSnToRmNNiIHHc =8898ToIHHcNNiFGFFQl ± -(uQlturFGFFQl >99:9KJJeIHHcMMhSnToQlToLLgNNiIHHcFGFFQl ° Certified in certain countries± but not in others ²US but not UK³ ° When expanding to other markets ²international³± need to comply with their regulations ° The medicinal homeopathic industry is growing± and in two years is expected to add ´µ¶·bil in two years ° ° Only company within the space that provides the benefits of the topical cream ° The industry is very saturated and can only be penetrated through the development of new features of products ° Targeting individuals within the age range of ¸¹°elderly ° Growing acceptance of homeopathic acceptance± including the introduction of extra shelf space of homeopathic products /*SnvNNirToSnRmKJJeSntFGFFQl ° Staying from chemicals and environmentally damaging products ° Increasing demand for natural products± especially due to the increase in medical studies supporting the use of natural products in topical creams -(ToRmpFGFFSny±3../SnJIIdustry#$ Pain Away Ltd¶ º Homeopathic internal and topical analgesics 2--NNiLLgMMhQlNNiLLgMMht \_W KKfFGFFIHHctTors from your list above that might have a sizable impact on your business plan company¶
=8898?::;::5565:556561123..//*<7787 :55659445A<<=<</*<7787 ,?::;:>>?>>/*<7787 :55659445A<<=<</*<7787 >99:92--<7787/*+>99:9 94450++ 8334/*A<<=<< /*8334>99:9<7787+8334>99:9 >99:92--<7787/*+>99:9 94450++ =8898?::;:,=8898>99:93../>99:9?::;:>99:9/* -(94457223:5565/*>99:93../>99:93../@;;<;/* <77873../@;;<;+6112<7787>>?>> Relatively high threat of new entrant due to the ·»» existing industries± as well as any new possible entrants Suppliers have low power± majority of the existing members produce their own products = low level of external inputs insert ideas here Due to the size of the industry± as well as its emergence± the industry is relatively High buyer power due to the large range of products As the new generation is more health and naturally conscious are relatively High threat of substitutes due to the fact that people are used to pills and other forms of methods for so long Furthermore± most of the products within the industry are similar 3../SnJIIdustry#$ Homeopathic internal and topical analgesics -(ToSnIHHcQlusNNiToSns ToKKf 3../SnJIIdustry +ttrFGFFIHHctNNivKJJeSnKJJess #$ Insert thoughts here 3../RmpFGFFIHHct ToSn 0++urtMMhKJJer +SnFGFFQlysNNis ² -(ToSnsNNiJIIdKJJerFGFFtNNiToSns KKfTor :5565TotKJJeSntNNiFGFFQl <7787KJJeIHHcToRmRmKJJeSnJIIdFGFFtNNiToSns#$ Insert thoughts here
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