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Initial Customer Identification Summary Ava Berry CubeWater End User Profile #1 Gender Mainly female, some male Race Mainly white Age Young adult, 18-23 Marital Status Most unmarried Number of Children 0 Type of Residence Apartment/rental Location of Residence Near/around college campus Occupation Student Education High school and above Individual Income $1,000-30,000 per year Recreational Activities Club and intramural sports, hiking, student coursework. Currently or previously owned a water filter for water bottle? Majority no Purchase Location website Marketing Channel Social media channels: TikTok, Instagram. Average Spent on Clean Water Access Including average utilities and other water filters: Personality The majority remain dependent on their families for a majority of expenses. These are college students who enjoy the peace of mind of having their water filtered. Summary/Insight These consumers are active individuals who already own water bottles. These individuals tend to be more environmentally conscious and enjoy the use of other water filters such as the Brita water filter pitcher. These students worry about drinking water provided to them from the school due to water fog and are looking for the peace of mind that comes with using a water filter.
CubeWater End User Profile #2 Gender Equal mix male and female Race Mainly white Age 22-30 Marital Status Majority no Number of Children 0-1 Type of Residence Majority rental/apartments, some homes Location of Residence Mix of suburbs and city Occupation Semi-professional to professional Education High school and college degree Family Income $30,000-80,000 Recreational Activities Hiking, backpacking, camping. Currently or previously owned a water filter for water bottle? no Purchase Location In-store Marketing Channel Social media ads: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Average Spent on Clean Water Access Including average utilities and other water filters: Personality Active members of the community who enjoy spending time outdoors and performing activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, running, etc. These individuals are environmentally conscious and are concerned about the growing number of pipe leaks and water pollutants. Summary/Insight These consumers are members of the community who spend lots of time doing recreational activities outdoors. These consumers enjoy spending money on environmentally friendly products and companies, especially for camping and hiking gear. Other consumers may consider these members of the community as " hippies " due to their enjoyment in these outdoor activities and their passion for the earth. Note: This product was inspired to reach a consumer base that is in a water crisis and needs help finding clean drinking water. This demographic cannot be narrowed down to one group as anyone can be affected at any time. However, the other two major potential consumer bases are described above.
Customer discovery- Ava Berry To validate the customer profile #1 from CubeWater, we surveyed 49 members of the Raleigh community about water filtration and advertising. Out of the 49 surveyed, 35 registered as female and 13 as male. The age group ranged from 18 to 22, all being students at NC State University. The average income for students was $5,625 per year. The average income for female students was $5,885.781 per year, and for males it was $4,923.07 per year. All students registered as white. The following discoveries were selected as the most important statistics for the creation of a marketing plan and forecasting. Exhibit 1. Exhibit 1 demonstrates which social media platforms have the most outreach to our consumers from profile #1. Due to the age of these consumers, Instagram and TikTok made the majority of advertising coverage, making up roughly 94% of advertisement coverage. TikTok was the leader in ads for this age group, at 50% ad coverage. Facebook only covered 6% of the consumer base in advertisement coverage. Exhibit 2. Exhibit 2. Analyzes the successful implementation of product marketing. We asked consumers how likely seeing a generic ad on their favorite social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok) would get them to buy a product versus seeing an influencer promote and/or review a product on their favorite social media channel. There was a 17.14% increase in the likelihood of purchase for women through an influencer review or promotion compared to that of a generic ad and a 18.46% increase for men. This Facebook, 0.0625, 6% Instagram, 0.4375, 44% TikTok, 0.5, 50% WHERE DO CONSUMERS SEE MOST ADS? 0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00% 20.00% 25.00% 30.00% 35.00% AVERAGE LIKELIHOOD OF BUYING A PRODUCT BASED OFF A GENERAL AD ON SOCIAL MEDIA AVERAGE LIKELIHOOD OF BUYING A PRODUCT IF SEEN THROUGH INFLUENCER REVIEW/ADVERTISMENT 7.69% 26.15% 14.86% 32.00% Consumer Ad Method to Sales Success male female
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