UNSTOPPABLE: A Social Marketing Campaign for Women's Rights and

1 Ethan Hawthorne Shorter University MKT 3650 Social Marketing Week Five Marketing Example Professor Mount February 12, 2023
2 Provide a copy or link to the marketing. https://www.collapse-the-box.com/unstoppable#:~:text=UNSTOPPABLE%20is%20a%20an %20advocacy%20campaign%20about%20women's%20rights%20and%20gender%20equity . Describe why this marketing falls under the social marketing category. This marketing is called, UNSTOPPABLE. Unstoppable is a campaign regarding gender equality and women's rights. There have recently been issues regarding women's rights and support systems for women. This is an issue within society. Today, women feel a lack of support from their community, peers, and partners. This marketing aims to combat a particular societal issue using traditional marketing methods, making for a great example of marketing that falls under the social marketing category. Describe who you think the effort is targeting, and what behavior the effort is promoting. Additionally, this effort is clearly establishing its target along with the behavior it is promoting. This effort is targeting women and society. The effort targets society by educating people on the lack of support they give to women. This effort targets women by providing ways women can gain any needed support. This effort uses different films, artworks, and designs to promote a sense of support and community. The effort uses things that withdraw emotional responses from the reader, causing the audience to feel responsible for the issue and responsible for fixing it. The effort is ultimately promoting increased support of women. All in all, this social marketing effort is powerful. The effort clearly displays its target, behavior, and intention.
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