Arcadia Assignment 1

Arcadia Fitness Executive Summary In this report, we will propose a marketing plan for a new product that will solve the problem faced by the Pole Dancing program. Problem The high drop-out rate of members after level 3 of the Pole Dancing program was due to the lack of physical capabilities. It is important to propose a solution now to guarantee the success of the Pole Dancing program and attract new customers to our different programs. Solution Offer a TRX suspension training fitness class as an independent program. The program will be presented as a progression experience to develop core body strengths and increase physical capabilities and fitness levels. Marketing Strategy Classes will accommodate 12 students o Six weeks in length with three classes per week Proposed pricing: o $199 for the whole program (6-weeks) (TRX) o $119 for the Pole Dancing program students. (reduced price for students already taking TRX sessions) o $35 for a week-by-week price (new TRX students) o $25 for the Pole Dancing program students (discounted price if also taking TRX) * No change to the existing Pole Dancing Student price of $159.99 for a 6 week session Promotional Strategy Free sample TRX program workshops during Pole Dancing classes Reach out to students at Western University through campus recreation and offer discounted prices for the first week of TRX and non-popular class times Industry Summary The Canadian fitness industry fights against obesity and promotes a healthy lifestyle and active society. The fitness industry generated a revenue of $2.2 billion and expects a growth rate of 2.3% over the next few years. The services offered by the centers dominating the fitness industry are Boxing clubs, yoga facilities, dance studios, and classic gym facilities. Also, technological developments are used for at-home fitness programs. Different varieties of programs are offered but the most popular are small group training programs, demographic-specific programs, and dance-focused group exercise classes.
Company Summary Aradia Fitness is the first Pole Dancing Studio in Canada that opened in 2003. It proposes dance- focused group exercise classes and targets a specific market segment which is women. Aradia proposes a non-traditional form of fitness that provides fun and safe alternatives that incorporate yoga, Pilates, and dance. The company values its clients by providing flexible scheduling and accommodating customer demand. Customer satisfaction is a priority for Aradia. It hopes to increase women's physical and psychological well-being by increasing their physical strength, flexibility, conditioning, sensuality, and self-esteem. Mission Statement The Mission statement of Arcadia Fitness is to empower women to feel confident in their bodies and build physical strength through fun, unique workouts. To be a safe space for women to explore their sensualities. To be a place for women to express themselves freely. Goals Build lifelong customers/students Build strength and self confidence by providing proper support, motivation, impacting results at any level of skill and physical strength Word of mouth advertising from satisfied users, promoting strength, confidence and fun Drive traffic to website (short promotional videos of workouts) through periodic marketing blitz This report was prepared by: Hind Benhacene Erica Ingram Briana Silva Christopher Meixner Tiffani Sandoval
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