Joshua Fox MKT 680 Branding 23 February 2020 Week 6: Creative Approach Phase 3: Creative Approach Brand Message: Relevance: Our message will be a simple description that is connects directly to basketball players and parents. The training will speak louder than words and will help sell our services the best but we need a strong slogan. o "Train The Way You Compete" - It is simple but tells our customers that we do not believe in all these training methods that are not going to be used in competition. Nowadays players are shown 7 dribble moves and unrealistic skills that will never be used in a real game. We believe this is why the talent is declining. Players are training completely different from how they would truly play and it shows to why they are barely receiving playing time. Resonance: The message we will create is straight to the point and thought inducing. This will come from our story and it will answer the consumer's "what's in it for me?" We will highlight that we are homegrown locals who care for this community and want to help people succeed whether it is through sports or the social skills and confidence developed from sports. The story will explain that if you want to be the best then you must train
with the best and we are the best. Our invaluable experiences will show why we are the best and most importantly all the success stories we have been apart of. Whether it is Olympians, making your high school team, helping you get a scholarship to pay for college, and whatever else it may be we will get you there. Your goals are just as important to us as it is to you. Distinction: Basketball is an incredibly popular sport that is ever growing and that means our competition continues to grow as well. However, we believe that we are unique because of our decades of previous work and that we take a different training approach that is more effective and efficient. Our value comes from our experiences and knowledge and most importantly our training program is more focused with film, game situations, fundamentals, speed training, strength training, and conditioning. While offering it at an affordable price. We know our targets are basketball players and parents focused on getting better. Although we advertise to all levels of players from novices to professionals our steadiest customers will be the middle school and high school athletes/parents. We have specific goals for the first 5 years that have been outlined already and they may be achieved ahead of schedule. Staff is the best advertisement for our business and we fully understand this. The training for our staff is intense because it is important that we are professionals and we know how to treat people since we are interacting with people everyday.
Simplicity: Everything we do is simple in the sense that there are no smokes and mirrors. What you see is what you get. Our message and content will be exactly what we say and do everyday at MAD. Your product should speak highly for itself and ours does exactly that. We always encourage people to come and check out our workouts to give complete transparency. Environment: o Location will be the most important element to attract your consumers. Do you have the facilities to complete your services with the highest quality and is it located in a nice area and are the facilities up to date? We are located in the Sunset district, which is a great neighborhood that is right up the street from the beach. We have a turf football field, practice field, 2 gymnasiums with 6 hoops each, a pool, and two weight rooms. We have everything to do our job and more while making our consumers feel safe and comfortable. o The hiring of staff is incredibly important. We want knowledgeable employees and most importantly good people. If your staff are unfriendly and cannot communicate with people then our brand will be ruined. We literally deal with people 24/7 that is our profession. You have to be a great person as well as a great coach. We are the first impression for our customers so we will be a deciding factor in if they return or not. We are going to be the
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