Unit 3 Discussion

Unit 3 Discussion What are the benefits of marketing with social networks? Provide Examples in support of your response. The benefits of marketing with social network is the ability to reach a larger audience. Using social networks like twitter, Facebook, Instagram can be great ways for a business to market a product to their target market. One benefit of marketing with social media is Brand Loyalty. Through social networks a brand can engage directly with their customers. Social media can help a business build trust more quickly. Increasing brand awareness by using social media for advertising which helps build brand awareness. Millions of people use different social networks and advertising your brand on that network can bring attention to the brand. People see your advertisement show up on their timeline it will only draw more eyes to the product you're trying to sale. Building a community, a business can build a community around their brand using social media. Customers can quickly communicate with the world and business about their product. Marketing with social networks can be cheaper. Social media marketing can be cheaper than traditional methods of marketing. With no costs involved, a business can easily inform their customers of their products. Marketing with social networks can have wat different benefits all of which can be cheap and enable direct and quick communication between businesses and customers.
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