The Influence of Physical Characteristics on Message

physical characteristcs 1. intensity 2. color 3. font 4. numbers 5. spacing 6. timing simplicity-complexity the simpler the message, the more likely a consumer develops meaningful comprehension message congruity represents the extent to which a message is internally consistent and fits surrounding information figure the focal image or the object intended to capture a person's attention ground in a message, everything besides the figure should be less important and simply represent the ground source influences comprehension to varying degrees based upon 1. likability 2. attractiveness 3. expertise 4. trustworthiness intelligence/ability how well educated the hearer of the message is prior knowledge how much is known before a message is heard involvement attention that we give to something familiarity/habituation the process by which continuous exposure to a stimulus affects the comprehension of and response to some stimulus MKT 302 Final Exam
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