ENV222| Devansh Wadhwani| reflections

Reflection 1 - in the last few weeks, we have gone over several topics relating to sustainability around the city. From doing group projects in tutorials to having at-home assignments and also attending lectures related to the topic. This process of learning has been very beneficial to me, as it has given me a considerable understanding of our city and its efforts at sustainability, what can be worked on, and how. One exercise that stood out to me was the tutorial where we had to analyze a photo and speak on its sustainability, thus expanding my horizons of how one picture can be viewed differently. It also gave me perspective on how one can look for details that may only appear after a while. I remember we looked at pictures of Younge-Dundas square, some UofT buildings, and their ecosystems in the picture. I realized then that people are the number one contributors to sustainability and against it. Reflection 2 - there are two primary assignments that stood out to me in this course, especially the sustainability in the city assignment, where we had to find three spots around the city and comment on whether its sustainable or not and also why and how it projects a certain sense of sustainability. I remember researching for this assignment, and I came across many different sites and symbols of sustainability around the city; one that stuck with me, I put it in my assignment as well. The garden car, situated in Kengisgton, as its made with sustainable materials and, more importantly, is a fantastic piece of art with a unique message that comes with it. I also really enjoyed the group work we did in the tutorial, as it helped me with my people skills and taught me how to work in a group with a small amount of time available. The group work pertaining to the social media posts is what really stood out to me as I learned how marketing is used to project sustainability to gain sales; however, many social media posts use this to their advantage. In conclusion, the assignments in this course really helped engaging my mind and gave me insight on the sustainability present in our city. Reflection 3 - The interrogative campus tour was the highlight of the whole course for me; through this assignment, I not only researched on one college building and its sustainable technology but got the same insight on various different parts of campus. I look at our campus from an entirely new lens now. My group and I worked on the Daniels Faculty of Architecture Building. This building is very different in the way it is built, and I could connect my ENV335 course on sustainable design to this assignment, which helped me gain insight on how to use the information learned in different classes and apply them to our lives. I also really enjoyed walking around campus instead of being in a classroom for two hours. It was really refreshing to be out in the open with fresh air and to be learning at the same time. In conclusion, I enjoyed working on this project as I had a fantastic group with whom I worked very well. I learned a lot during this process and really enjoyed myself.
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