Promotion Strategies: Persuading Customers with Cheetos' Unique

In Class Activity: Promotion Strategies Instructions : Save this document in preparation for individual upload to the dropbox on Canvas. Discuss your answers to the worksheet amongst your group. When finished, save as a PDF and individually upload to the In Class Activity Assignment Dropbox for today's class by the deadline listed on Canvas, using this file naming convention: section number, class 21, Promotion, student number. For example: 204CLASS22PROMOTION123456789. Each student is responsible for uploading their own copy to the Dropbox. Answer the questions below based on the video shown in class. 1. Which promotional objective(s) (i.e., inform, persuade, or remind) is the campaign using? Why? Persuade: Cheetos popcorn have been labeled as the messiest, dustiest snack or popcorn ever. The campaign persuades customers to turn this production flaw into an attribute to be embraced or liked. Cheetos rename the flaw as Cheetle which describes the cheesy residue left on one's fingers after eating Cheetos and make it a gimmick and trend that is worth talking. 2. Fill out the table with examples of the different types of promotions described in the video. Promotional Tool? (Advertising, PR, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, or Personal Selling) Promotional Tactic? (the specific channels or type of activities - be detailed & specific) Push vs. Pull (Is the tactic push, pull, or both and WHY?) PR Cheetos first got people starting talk about the most controversial part of Cheetos popcorn. The widespread popularity of Cheetle, the cheesy dust, sparks coverage in the media, on social media (such as user- generated content), and on television, cultivating unpaid media exposure. Pull as the audience of all the channels targets at customers directly. Advertisement Television commercials such as Super Bowl commercial, digital ads, and social media advertising such as the announcement of renaming as Cheetle on Twitter and influencer partnership are leveraged in an effort of sharing their own experience with Cheetle phenomenon. Pull as the audience of all the channels described are primarily customers. Sales Promotion Despite not a formal experiential event hold at Point of Purchase, Cheetos encourages its customers to Pull as Cheetos primarily targets customers to engage themselves in the
use the cheesy residue left on their fingers to paint on the wall. Such an experiential events do not involve any transactions, thereby justifying itself to be a sales promotion. described experiential events. 3. For the other tools not addressed in the table above, what is a tactic that the Cheetos brand management team could have used to help grow the Cheetos brand? Hint: include a mixture of push & pull. Promotional Tool? (Advertising, PR, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, or Personal Selling) Promotional Tactic? (the specific channels or type of activities - be detailed & specific) Push vs. Pull (Is the tactic push, pull, or both and WHY?) Direct Marketing Email and SMS campaigns. Cheetos can leverage the opt-out method to carry out the aforementioned promotional tactic towards customers as it allows customers to stay up-to-date with newly launched Cheetos products and recent discounts offered. As Cheetos is a brand that exists for a relatively long period of time and has considerable amount of competitors, it's crucial for Cheetos to consistently remind customers of the brand itself in order to become a sustainable brand. Direct mail and catalogs. Cheetos can leverage these two tactics to promote its product to retailers. In particular, Cheetos can include the product sample along with direct mail to retail stores headquarter's mailbox in order to allow retailers to get a taste of the cheetle, thereby differentiating itself from other snack brands. Also, catalogs can include details and selling product of new Cheetos products, thereby generating excitement and anticipation among retailers A mixture of push and pull as these tactics target at both retailers and custiomers. Personal Selling Cheetos can form and train a sales team to conduct in-store promotions. They can serve to provide information to customers A mixture of push and pull as these tactics target at both store manabgers and custiomers.
about new flavors, nutrients and discounts. They can also provide personal service to customers by first understanding their taste preferences and then recommending appropriate flavours. Cheetos can also send sales representatives to visit retail stores in order to promote the brand with store managers and ultimately, build long-term, meaningful relationships. This can assist in finding areas for improvement and guarantee that the product is properly promoted and displayed. 4. Do you think this is an effective IMC campaign? Why or why not? Yes, the ultimate goal of an IMC campaign is to turn attention into action, i.e. actually causing customers to purchase the product. After launching this campaign, Cheetos popcorn sales have been up by 13% which is a major success in a relatively saturated market like cheesy snacks. Another reason is the consistent messaging conveyed by this campaign. Through the use of the "Cheetle" theme, the campaign maintained a consistent message across all channels by highlighting the distinctive sensory experience of eating Cheetos. The brand's key characteristics were reinforced by this consistency, which also contributed to the development of a strong brand identity.
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