MKT205 Module Two Milestone

1 Module Two Milestone Worksheet: Target Market and Persona Brenna Christen Southern New Hampshire University MKT 205: Applied Marketing Strategies Timothy Ashton March 12, 2023
2 TARGET MARKET PRODUCT semisweet chocolate baking chips TARGET MARKET RESEARCH My target market is: My target market for semisweet chocolate baking chips is middle-aged moms with toddler-aged and school-aged children. DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS This target market consists of women who are between the ages 28-38. These women are work from home moms or those in office and admin job types. Typically, about 65% of these women have their high school diploma and some college. Their average income level can vary, but averages around $55,000 a year. These women are married and have one to two children, aged between three and ten years old. PSYCHOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS This target market of women enjoys outdoor activities with the children and spouse, and they find traveling enjoyable. These women save their money and are financially responsible. These women look for products that are cost friendly and safe for their family. These women shop in- store with a list. These women have traditional family values and are family orientated.
3 PERSONA SOPHIA, 30 DEMOGRAPHICS LOCATION My persona lives in the suburbs of Huston, Texas in a single-family home. MARITAL STATUS Sophia is married with two children who are three and six years of age. OCCUPATION AND INCOME Sohpia work as a scheduling receptionist in a medical office. She makes an annual salary of $47,000 per year. EDUCATION LEVEL She has an associate's degree in front desk medical assisting. PSYCHOGRAPHICS HOBBIES AND INTERESTS In some free time that Sophia has, she likes to spend it with her family. They spend time playing outside, learning new sports, and traveling around to new sites to find new adventures. Sohpia likes to save money where she can, so that she can have more financial flexibility when it comes to her kids. She is family orientated and loves to spend time with family at her home. WANTS AND PREFERENCES When choosing products at the store, Sohpia's choice is dependent on the price, quality, and taste of the product.
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