Marketing & Strategy Simulation: Decisions, Recommendations, and

Assignment Instructions Marketing & Strategy Simulation Group Decisions & Recommendations Paper BA100 - 115 points Assignment Instructions During the Marketing Module, you will participate with a small group in a Marketplace Simulation over the course of three weeks. Your instructor will assign groups and provide you with simulation instructions. You will be required to make decisions for the simulation and results will be discussed in class. At the conclusion of the simulation, your group will write a paper to discuss your decisions, recommendations, and results. You will also discuss how your decisions or strategy reflected concepts learned in class, and you will define and describe these connections. One member of your team must submit the paper to the assignment space in Canvas. It is important that group members contribute their time, knowledge and skills fairly to the team report. You will submit a separate, individual assessment of the contribution of each team member, including yourself. The score assigned to you by your peers will affect your overall grade on the paper, if it is clear that you did not participate equitably in the assignment. The outline for your paper: 1. Introduction (5%) a. Introduces your group - includes name of simulation team, names of each team member, role played by each team member. b. Introduces the simulation - introduces the assignment and topics that will be covered by the paper. 2. SWOT Analysis (25%) a. Provides a SWOT analysis of your bike company by assessing the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats for the bike company you created in the simulation. Please present in a 2x2 table. b. Discuss your SWOT How you were able to achieve your strengths? What did you do to address your weaknesses? What did/would you do to capitalize on your opportunities? What did you do to minimize your threats? c. Uses appropriate marketing language d. Applies marketing concepts from the course (please cite your source) 3. Marketing Strategy Adjustments (20%) a. Explains what marketing strategies were used in the simulation (for example, strategies for segmentation, pricing, promotion, etc.) b. Discusses how your team adjusted your marketing strategy to become a stronger competitor Includes examples of key adjustments and decisions made throughout the simulation Describes the results from these key decisions c. Uses appropriate marketing language
d. Applies marketing concepts from the course (please cite your source) 4. Balanced Scorecard Review (25%) a. Discusses the four components of the balanced scorecard from Quarter 6 (found in Quarter 7 after the final quarter is completed). What was your result for each area and what does it mean? Total Performance Financial Performance Market Performance Marketing Effectiveness b. Uses appropriate marketing language. c. Applies marketing concepts from the course (please cite your source) 5. Conclusion (10%) a. Includes a brief, concluding paragraph b. Describes team challenges and successes from this experience Formatting & Grammar (15%) 4-5 pages (must remain within page limit) Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1" margins. Include reference page and in-text citations. Cite your work!
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