Assessing Usability and Content of Clinique's Website: A

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MKTG 450
Apr 9, 2023
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MKTG 450 Homework #1: Usability Test Kit Introduction Thank you for coming today. We need your help in assessing the content and the user- friendliness of Clinique's website. You will be given eight tasks to complete while browsing the website. We ask that you browse the website and perform the tasks given below. Please understand that we will evaluate the website's quality and not how well you browse the site. Your responses are highly valuable to us. Pre Questions: 1. How comfortable do you feel with using the Internet? Very comfortable 2. Approximately how many hours do you spend a day, using the Internet? Approx 8 hours 3. What do you put in the search engine, when looking for makeup or skincare products on the Internet? The brand name Warm-up: To familiarize you with the process, we have a few short tasks we ask you to complete. 1. Visit Clinique's website ( ) 2. On the homepage, click on "BestSellers" and view their best-selling products. Now that you are familiar with the procedure, let's continue to the eight tasks. When completing the tasks, we would like you to imagine an individual who has recently switched over to Clinique's makeup and skincare products. Please go through the tasks listed below carefully, completing one task at a time and then moving on once completed. 1. Using Clinique's website, find the skincare concerns that there are products for and list the first two concerns below: _______________acne and dehydration___________________________________ 2. Find the Skincare Sun Protection that has "SPF 50, Daily Energy + Face Protector". Write the complete name below, price, and bottle size: Name: super defense city block Price:______$32_____
Bottle Size:____40ml_______ 3. Find the Makeup key benefits Clinique has to offer and list them all below. Oil free, hydrating, brightenming, SPF, smoothing, lightweight, volumizing, plumping, lengthening, conditioning, cleansing, priming, soothing, tinted, waterproof 4. Pick the first Makeup key benefit you listed, and write down the name of the most expensive product you see, the price of that product, and the key ingredients inside that product. Name:______even better clinical serum foundation broad spectrum___________________________ Price:__$44________ Key Ingredients:____vitamin c , salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid___________________________________ 5. Again using Clinique's website, search for a lipgloss that meets the following criteria. - Hydrating - Adds High Shine - Adds Nourishing Color Please write down below the name of the lipgloss and the four shimmery shades it comes in: Name:____________pop plush creamy lip gloss _________________ Four Shimmery Shades:_____________________brulee pop, rosewater pop, airkiss pop, velour pop___________________________ 6. A customer is looking for a "spicy" fragrance, what are her options? List them all. My happy cookies & kisses My happy cocoa & cashmere 7. How many Makeup products are there for "very dry to dry" skin? What is the name of the
cheapest product? Number of products:_______94______ Cheapest Product:____take the day off cleansing balm $14________________ 8. Sign up to receive Clinique news and exclusive deals using the following information. - Email: [email protected] - Mobile Number: 757-683-0000 Post Questions: 1. What do you think about the company website? Very organized 2. Were you able to find all the information needed to answer the questions above? yes 3. Did you face any challenges finding the information to answer the questions? If so, what? none 4. How would you evaluate the overall aesthetics of the website? Its bright and very easy to find the products you want 5. Would you recommend or use this website again? Yes
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