Social Media Marketing Chapter 12 Quiz

Social Media Marketing Chapter 12 Quiz Study online at 1. Mobile has taken hold around the world, and growth in mostly uniform. False 2. People all over the world access Facebook at a higher rate than any other social media network. True 3. Desktop and TV are losing share to other types of screens. True 4. Apps have little effect on the use and growth of mobile. False 5. The top two activities on mobile are Facebook posts and viewing videos. False 6. Consumers generally shop and compare on their computer, then purchase with their smartphones. False 7. Given the growth in the use of mobile, we can pre- dict with a degree of certainty that the new "buy" buttons on such sites as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter will be successful. False 8. Location-based technology us is increasing in: retail applications. 9. Global growth in the use of mobile is such that: more than half of the world's people use mo- bile. 10. The most popular communication app outside of the U.S. is: WhatsApp. 11. Among the losers in the shift to mobile are: B and C only. 12. Which of the following statements is false? Today's smartphone contains many branded apps. 13. The top two activities consumers perform on their mobile smartphones are: A and C. 1 / 2
Social Media Marketing Chapter 12 Quiz Study online at 14. Regarding the process of purchasing, the "upper funnel" is: the early activities like comparing. 15. The Omnichannel approach to marketing consid- ers all of these except: the omnichannel strat- egy considers all of these. 16. Proponents of the audience first marketing strat- egy recommend using massive amounts of: big data. 17. Using beacons, retailers are doing all of these except: as the customer leaves the store, a parking valet brings the cus- tomer's car to the door. 18. Forrester Consulting argues that the mobile cus- tomer experience is created in micro-moments throughout the day, and listed all of these except: want to show. 19. CX is: an omnichannel experi- ence. 2 / 2
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