Ethical Perspectives on Marketing: Breastfeeding vs Formula

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Apr 13, 2023
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Do you approve of this marketing plan? I disapprove of a marketing plan that would try to impose an agenda on the human race; not saying that this is the case; however, trying to get a whole country to stop breastfeeding and using malnourishment to push that agenda is, in my opinion, twisted, to say the least. How about focusing on making sure we do our part in making sure this country has adequate food for everyone and then providing the benefit of having the option to use formal, and not discourage breastfeeding? That is misleading in my opinion. What would a rights theorist do? A right theorist would make that "certain human rights are fundamental and must be respected by other humans" (Prenkert et al., 2022). A rights theorist would be all over this type of marketing because it comes off as trying to discourage or even shame mothers if they decide to breastfeed instead of using formula. That, in my opinion, is disrespecting human rights on a whole other level. What would a utilitarian do ? "A utilitarian will act only if the benefits of the action to society outweigh the societal costs of the action."(Prenkert et al., 2022). I don't believe that providing a formula is a bad thing for this country and provides a great alternative, but a utilitarian will make sure that the message is that formula is an option, not the only option. What would a profit maximizer do? A profit maximizer will do all things humanly possible and within legal boundaries to promote and sell a product. Even if the product could affect society or not, they will promote it. Like promoting cigarettes, the whole world knows that nicotine and tar will eventually kill most people and cause cancer, but you see all kinds of advertisements for cigarettes. References Prenkert, J.D., Barnes, A.J., Perry, J.E., Haugh, T, & Stemler, A.R. (2022). Business law: The ethical, global, and digital environment (18th ed.). McGraw-Hill LLC.
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