Developing an Effective Promotion Plan for a New Anthelmintic

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The Marketing Mix Chapter 7 ARE 304 Homework # 7 Due Friday February 24, 2023 1. You are the marketing manager for a large animal health company. Your firm has just developed a very effective anthelmintic (wormer) for cattle. Your target market is large feedlot operations in the western US. Develop a promotion plan for this new product. What market communications tools would you use? (5 Points) a. I would begin with coming up with a price that is affordable and would beat some of the competing brands as well. We have already identified who our target audience is which is the large feedlot operations in the western US, now I will begin to figure out what life is like in that region and what are some things that would catch their eye when looking at a commercial or a build board on the side of the road, once I know what my audience is interested in and what outlet they get most of their news from then I will place my ad in vet offices, stores that sell feed, I would put it in magazines for farmers, or ranchers as well as in schools that are teaching about cattle. In the ad it will show how they could contact me for more information. Once I am in contact with farmers I would begin to establish trust and a relationship I may even give a free sample to try before they buy the product. I will establish a buy in bulk program or a payment plan type of system. 2. What are the advantages of a manufacturer selling directly to a farmer rather than to a distributor? Why can a dealer sometimes do a better job marketing to farmers than a manufacturer can? (5 Points) a. A manufacturer selling to the farmer helps the farmer know who they're getting the product from and there is a direct relationship between them. While when going through a distributor you're not sure who is making the product or where you're getting the product from
b. Dealers actually but the product from the distributors and test them out so when they help sell to farmers they can actually speak from experience of using the product rather than just speaking from a distributors perspective.
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