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MCS 3620 Assignment 2 An Ad Analysis
Before analyzing the Tampax and Serena Williams 2010 print advertisement (Flickr, 2010) above, I will first define promotion. Promotion is the act of communicating information between the seller and a potential buyer, or others in the distribution channel, to influence attitudes and behavior. An advertisement is just one of the many forms of promotion. They are often used to reach a wide audience and create brand awareness. By using a highly visible and successful athlete like Serena Williams to promote their product, Tampax can reach many potential customers and establish a strong association between their product and its effectiveness. In this paper, I will discuss the likely target market, the objective of the ad and finally the message being conveyed. The likely target market for this advertisement is women between puberty and menopause, with an age range typically from 12 to 55. The advertisement is geared towards women with active lifestyles, particularly athletes. It's important to note that the ad also targets women who may experience period leaks and are looking for a reliable and hassle-free solution. This includes those who may have experienced embarrassment or discomfort due to leaks in the past. By emphasizing Tampax Pearl's ability to prevent leaks, the ad appeals to a broad range of potential customers who are looking for a product that can give them peace of mind and comfort during their period. This advertisement is designed to persuade potential customers that Tampax Pearl is a reliable and effective menstrual product for preventing period leaks. The ad highlights the product's ability to keep up with even the most active individuals, using Serena Williams, a highly skilled tennis player who wears white as an example.
When looking at the ad, our attention is immediately drawn to Serena Williams wearing a white dress at the center. The color white is often associated with purity (no stains) and cleanliness, which are qualities that are particularly relevant to feminine hygiene products. Her pose is confident and so is her stare. She looks down at "mother nature with her monthly gift" which alludes to a period. She appears to have her hands on her waist which suggests a sense of confidence and readiness. She is ready to take on her period. The tagline "Mother nature has met her match" is a very apt play on words as Serena Williams is known for eliminating her competition in her tennis games. It suggests that Tampax Pearl is just as effective at eliminating leaks as Serena Williams is at eliminating her competition on the tennis court. By using this clever play on words, the ad reinforces the idea of Tampax Pearl being a reliable and effective product for preventing period leaks, while also creating a memorable and catchy tagline that will stick in the minds of potential customers. The Tampax logo is prominently displayed at the bottom of the ad, which helps to reinforce the brand identity and make it more memorable. Additionally, the pink and blue color scheme used in the logo and throughout the ad is gendered in a way that suggests that Tampax is a product designed specifically for women. Furthermore, the article on " Congruence Between Spokesperson and Product Type: A Matchup Hypothesis Perspective" by Michael A. Kamins and Kamal Gupta " (Kamins & Gupta, 1986-1998) proposes the "matchup hypothesis," which suggests that when there is a match between the spokesperson and the product, consumers will have more positive attitudes
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