Fast City Rentals Customer Survey Report Marketing & Sales Department
Executive Summary The Marketing & Sales Department conducted a n online survey of Fast City Rentals customers from May to July of this year. The main objective of the survey was to identify which services need to be improved, which services are popular, and whether customers can use the web- site easily. The survey was conducted online through email invita- tions. It included a total of 25 questions and 400 partici- pants. The Marketing & Sales Department followed up with phone interviews to test name recognition and solicit responses to questions about service and other activities with Fast City Rentals. As shown in the chart in the "Survey Results" section of this report, most customers rate the service and overall experience of renting bicycles high and would rent from Fast City Rentals again. Company Background Fast City Rentals started as an online ser- vice for travelers who want to find a rental bike and safe biking routes in their destina- tion city. The basic concept is to match traveling cyclists with bike shops around the country. The service in general is popular among customers and participating bike shops. Po- tential for growth is good. According to the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA ) , 36 million Americans age seven or older rode a bicycle six or more times last year, up slightly from the previous year. Cy- This file created specifically for Diego Sanchez Customer Survey Report 1
cling is often cited as the seventh most popular recreational sport in the United States. As for most online businesses, word of mouth, search engine optimization (SEO), and cross-linking are the most reliable ways to find new customers. Survey Results Participants were asked to rank the Fast City Rentals services and options they used on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being high. The follow- ing table shows the rankings the 400 survey participants assigned to four services: X 1 2 3 4 5 Reservations 30 55 75 100 140 Customization 15 25 125 105 130 Secure check-out 5 15 50 150 180 Bike availability 10 25 75 125 165 Totals 60 120 325 480 615 Participants also assigned a rating to their experience with Fast City Rentals overall. Again, we used a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being high. The following chart illustrates the results: 1; 6.67% 2; 13.33% 3; 20.00% 4; 26.67% 5; 33.33% Customer Ratings - 400 Participants The complete survey and tabulated results are available at: www. - . To learn more about how we selected customers for the survey, click here . This file created specifically for Diego Sanchez Customer Survey Report 2
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