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MKT 335
Apr 13, 2023
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MKT 335 Module Six Case Study: Domino's Pizza Campaign Problem and Goal: What problem was the brand trying to solve or what opportunity were they trying to capitalize on? Dominos killed two birds with one stone with this successful marketing campaign for their user-friendly mobile app. First, they overcame the challenge of a negative brand image that resulted from two disgruntled employees who uploaded a YouTube video of them putting food that was dropped on the floor onto a pizza. By Dominos tackling this situation head on and developing a mobile app and launching an advertising campaign, they showed that they were not scared to be front and center in the public eye as a company with quality food, high standards, and useful technology [ CITATION Rob16 \l 1033 ]. Solution: What was the solution? How did they effectively leverage the benefits of mobile advertising? The mobile app campaign capitalized on a business opportunity in numerous ways. The organization recognized a growing trend of customers using mobile devices to place
food orders and made the decision to design a mobile to make it easier and more convenient for their customers to place orders while they increased sales revenue at the same time. This also helped streamline the ordering process, preventing a bottleneck from occurring due to the worker on the phone being to busy. It also helped with ensuring the order was correct before the customer got off the phone, which helped with customer satisfaction as well [ CITATION Sai16 \l 1033 ]. Audience: Who was the target audience? Dominoes effectively leveraged the benefits of mobile advertising by vigorously embracing social and mobile media. They created an engaging TV and YouTube campaign that encouraged people to interact with the brand via multiple communications channels . The target audience for this campaign were those from age 16 - 45, those who enjoy pizza, and those who were somewhat tech savvy. Results/KPIs: What KPIs were used to measure success? What were the results of the campaign? If you cannot find this information, explain the KPIs you would have recommended for the campaign. Based on the article and other research it appears the campaign was successful. The most important KPI for the campaign was likely 'how many downloads' of the app were
recorded. Next what percentage of those who download the app placed at least one order [ CITATION Hit23 \l 1033 ]. Recommendations: How could they improve or extend the campaign further? Then lastly, what percentage of the early adopters became repeat customers using the mobile app as the main method for ordering pizza. Domino's Pizza could improve the campaign by offering incentives. They could offer exclusive deals and discounts to the app users. They could also offer loyalty reward points that can be redeemed for free pizza or other items. They could also offer personalized recommendations based on the user's previous orders to help streamline the customers' ordering process in the future. References Allen, R. (2016, April 29). How does your digital marketing compare? Retrieved from Smart INsights: https://web.archive.org/web/20190525055942/https:/www.smartinsights.com/mobile- marketing/mobile-advertising/7-effective-mobile-marketing-campaigns/ Bhasin, H. (2023, March 27). Marketing91 . Retrieved from Dominos Marketing Mix: https://www.marketing91.com/marketing-mix-dominos/ Sail Thru . (2016, September 8). Retrieved from 14 Insanely Simple Mobile Marketing Techniques You Can Steal from the Fortune 500: https://www.sailthru.com/marketing-blog/14-insanely-simple- mobile-marketing-techniques-can-steal-fortune-500/
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