Chapter 10 Media Planning and Budgeting for IMC

Media planning: Overview: Activities involved in developing the media: § a. 1. Chapter 10: Media Planning and Budgeting for IMC Friday, October 22, 2021 2:14 PM
Media planning -- the series of decisions involved in delivering the promotional message to prospective purchasers and/or users of the product or brand Primary decision -- the type of media selected among: Broadcast -- TV or radio § Print -- newspaper, magazine § Out-of-home -- outdoor, transit, place-based § Internet content publishers and social media § Research: National image-oriented messages on TV and print positively influenced brand loyal customers § Tactical promotional msg of the same media positively influenced brand switching consumers § Broadcast and print media, regional advertising in local TV and local newspaper, online advertising contributed positively to long-term profitability, but each contributed negatively to one another, indicating the importance of planners selecting an optimal allocation among choices § Factor to consider when selecting media -- the degree to which the effect of each media continues beyond the initial exposure The concept of a carryover effect § Communication effect of billboard and newspaper ads lasted for 2.2 and 1.4 weeks § Long-term media carryover effects are 4 times stronger than short-term effects § At campaign level using multiple media, the carryover effect averages 3 months § Media plan documents the decisions for finding the best way to get the advertiser's msg to the market Goal -- to find the combination of media that enables the marketer to communicate the msg in the most effective manner to the largest number of the target audience at the lowest cost § Media objectives: Derived from the communication and behavioural objectives and guide the other 2 media decisions, contribute to achieve marketing objectives IMC objectives (i.e., behavioural, communication) adapted for media decisions (i.e., strategy, tactics) 2.
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