Protein Bars: A Healthy and Convenient Snacking Option for

Focus Group Report (Primary Research for Communications) Group 1 Amogh Jain (8829098) Ishika Chawla (8857792) Himani Baggaa (8839330) Anurodh Yadav (8844924) Sherry Yue Zhang (8852048) Abhishek Panchal (8858021) Deep (8831248) Taroosh Sakhare (8802679) Subject Code : RSCH 8020 Course Name : Strategic Marketing Communications Professor Name : Prof. Salome Machaka Due Date : 14 th February 2023 1 | P a g e
Protein Bars Source: An excellent choice for on-the-go snacking is a healthy cereal bar. They have fewer calories, more fibre, more antioxidants, and less sugar than other foods. The demand for the product will rise if bars offer outstanding, healthy options to their patrons because people are becoming more health conscious today and choose to spend more money on wholesome foods rather than cheap junk food. Additionally, cereal bars can 2 | P a g e
be used in place of breakfast, which typically includes a variety of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibres. Research Objective A focus group is a research technique used to collect data through group interaction. The group comprises a small number of carefully selected people who discuss a given topic. Focus groups are used to identify and explore how people think and behave, and they throw light on why, what, and how questions. ("What is a focus group? | B2B International") This focus group interview is a handy research tool that can help you explore the behaviour of your target audience, understand their needs, or reveal their preferences. In this eight-person interview group, we plan to set interview topics regarding age group, usage occasion, taste, packaging, efficacy, ingredients, price, and purchase channel. Through this focus interview, we want to understand that different consumer groups correspond to other consumer demands and to locate the main consumer groups and consumption channels in the Canadian protein bar market. To make product adjustments and improve product marketing strategies to increase market share. Respondent Profiling Primary Target Market Demographics: Age - 16 to 30 Gender - Male and Female Marital Status - Single 3 | P a g e
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