SMART Goals 1. Increase online sales by 20% within the next 6 months by implementing targeted online marketing campaigns and optimizing the website for improved user experience 2. Reduce wasted materials by 15% by the end of the year through better monitoring of production processes and implementing more sustainable practices in our manufacturing plant. 3. Boost customer satisfaction ratings by 10% by the end of the next quarter by improving our customer service processes, including faster response times to inquiries and more personalized communication. 4. Launch a new line of sustainable products within the next 12 months, using eco-friendly materials and packaging, with an initial target of achieving $500,000 in revenue within the first year. 5. Increase brand awareness by 25% within the next 9 months by expanding into new markets, leveraging partnerships with influencers, and participating in relevant events and gatherings, both online and offline. Positioning A. For outdoor enthusiasts who demand the utmost quality and performance in their gear, Kombi Canada provides top-tier winter apparel that blends fashion and function seamlessly. As a Canadian-born brand with over 60 years of experience, Kombi products are expertly crafted to withstand the harshest winter conditions while always keeping you stylishly warm. Whether you're hitting the slopes or braving the city streets, Kombi Canada ensures your adventures are always comfortable and adventurous with each piece of clothing you wear.
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