Wandiri Socio-Economic Challenges Facing Sudanese Women Refugees In Kasarani Division, Nairobi And

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Nov 19, 2023
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W'e observe that the laws governing in NRV discriminate the region. Among them are special powers delegated to the Provincial administrators by ''Chiefs Authority Act"134. They can restrict movement of people from one district to another and control direct sale of livestock1''. This embeds official physical and structural violence in state policies. The laws aiso include the "Special Districts Administration Act"'36 and "Outlying Districts Act'-'37, which delegate political and economic control to District Commissioners and gave them excessive powers to restrict peoples' movement and confine them to their areas if need be . Acts such as the "Agricultural Act" and the "Agricultural Produce Marketing Act" continue to restrict markets'39. The most contentious is the "Stock and Produce Theft Act" which imposes a fine or conviction for theft of stock or produce'60. It legalised collective punishment when offenders escape and cites community representatives as the offender. Magistrates can impose fines of at least ten times the value of stolen stocks or produce, often too hefty for the culprit to afford, so the punishment is extended to his closest family, clan or his community 6'.1 6 0 1 6 1 ■4 Cap 12 8 . Laws o f K enya. An A c t o f P arliam en t to m ake provision in re g a rd to the p o w ers and d u tie s o f chiefs and to provide for m a tte rs incidental thereto. ,s5 Wachira Maina, ibid. See also Musambayi Katumanga. Security Concerns and Lateral Pressure as a Basis for Enhanced Regional Integration: The Case of North Western Kenya, in Ahmed Mohiddin (Ed) Deepening Regional Integration of the East African Community, (DPMF Book Series, 2005) pp. 90. '56 Cap 105. Laws of Kenya. An Act of Parliament to provide for the maintenance of order in areas to which the Act is applied. 151 Cap 104. Laws of Kenya. This is an act of Parliament to make provision for the closing of districts and parts of districts to travellers. 58 Ahmed Issack Hassan. The Legal Impediments to Development in Northern Kenya, a paper presented at the consultative meeting for Members of Parliament at Naivasha. Kenya 22nd - 23rd august, 2008. '5<> Now the ''Agriculture Produce Marketing Act'L Cap 320. Laws of Kenya. An Act of Parliament to control and regulate the marketing of agricultural produce, to enable Marketing Boards to be established for marketing such produce and to provide for the powers and functions of the Boards, and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto. 160 Cap 355. (Repealed) Laws of Kenya. An Act of Parliament to provide for the recovery of fines imposed for the theft of stock or produce and to make persons liable to account for the possession of stock or produce in certain cases. 161 C. M Dobbs. (Provincial Commissioner, Nyanza) Memorandum on Stock Thieving, dated 22 January 1930; See also KNA - PC/NZA/2/5/29, Stock Thefts. General Matters, 1929 -3 1 , cited by Kennedy Agade Mkutu, Guns and Governance in the Rift Valley; Pastoraiist Conflicts and Small Arms. (African Issues. 2008), pp. 35 50
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