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Max's Restaurant is in need of some new qualified staff and after speaking with Pat, we have created the following advertisements and applications to fill all open positions. Our plan for recruitment is to post the advertisement listed below, on the official Max's Restaurant Facebook and Instagram pages and have current staff share the post to their friends. A word-of-mouth recommendation is priceless, and we know how happy our current staff is in their roles. They are the best spokespeople for the cause. Additionally, we will distribute the advertisement as a flyer at next week's job fair at the local high school. According to HR Drive, job fairs are widely regarded as a place were employers can adapt the old-school technique to send today's job seekers the right messages about their organizations (O'Donnell, 2019). We are hoping to find a few great candidates that are looking to join the workforce directly after graduation and take part is Max's training program for General Managers. When it comes to the application, we chose a general application as we feel that it would be the easiest way to find our ideal candidate for each position. As the applications come in, we plan to review each one and their work history to determine which position their individual experiences would be best suited for according to our standards. We chose to not ask for resumes as our application calls for the information that is most important to the hiring process and anything further would be redundant and potentially discourage good candidates from applying. Max's has a top notch standard for employment and in recent history, we have put in more work than ever to build our staff to be the best of the best. We are looking forward to receiving and reviewing applications. Our hope is that we can find the perfect fit for our General Manager position and onboard a candidate that will lead the restaurant and all our staff to long- lasting success.
Max's Restaurant 123 Penn State Way State College, PA 12321 General Application Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________ Phone Number: ______________________________ Email: __________________________________ Preferred contact: ______________________ Experience *Please include most recent employment first* Employer: ____________________________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________________________________________________ Description: __________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Employer: ____________________________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________________________________________________ Description: __________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Employer: ____________________________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________________________________________________ Description: __________________________________________________________________
Availability Check if available 8AM [] 9AM [] 10AM [] 11AM [] 12PM [] 1PM [] 2PM [] 3PM [] 4PM [] 5PM [] 6PM [] 7PM [] 8PM [] 9PM [] Are you available nights / weekends? _______________________________________________ Do you have any prior commitments that may hinder your ability to work? _________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ References Name: _____________________________________________________________________ Company/Position: ___________________________________________________________ Contact: ____________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: _____________________________________________________________________ Company/Position: ___________________________________________________________ Contact: ____________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: _____________________________________________________________________ Company/Position: ___________________________________________________________ Contact: ____________________________________________________________________ **Thank you for applying! A representative will review your application and contact you if you are selected to move forward in the application process.**
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