SCM 5004 MID TERM N01499669

Purchasing & Supplier Management - SCM-5004- RNA Supply Chain Management Graduate Program Mid-Term Exam Purchasing & Supplier Management DAKSH PATEL N01499669 DATE: February 15, 2022 SUBMITTED TO: PROF. LOUIS GERARD
Table of Contents 1. Question Scenario 1 -Part 1-------------------------------------------------------------3 -Part 2-------------------------------------------------------------4 -Part 3-------------------------------------------------------------5 2. Question Scenario 1 -Part 1-------------------------------------------------------------6 -Part 2-------------------------------------------------------------6 -Part 3-------------------------------------------------------------7 3. Question Scenario 1 -Part 1-------------------------------------------------------------8 -Part 2-------------------------------------------------------------8 -Part 3-------------------------------------------------------------9 -Part 4-------------------------------------------------------------10
Question Scenario 1. (30 marks) 1) Purchasing is one of the most important process in Procurement. Based on company's core values and the place in the current market we do not want to make any minute mistake. So I would like to keep in mind to purchase the product. Before purchasing I would like to keep in mind to purchase the product. Before Purchasing I would like to go on what can go wrong? - it does not worth the money. - found out better product after purchase is made. I plan to make purchase based on any personal purchasing which gives me the insights on the corporate/professional purchasing work. For personal purchasing it is only a single person decision if I have need or desire then I purchase and pay and use it. But on the other hand as a purchasing professional, I am responsible to fulfill needs of other people and the decision depends on organizational objectives, requirements. For instance, operations may want the best equipment that could be more expensive, that may be is contrary to the marketing need to price the product in competitive range. I would make better purchasing process which brings several benefits to the company. 1. Maximize value and promote savings 2. Develop relationship with external partner that can leverage innovation and price for us. 3. Acquire materials with high quality and reputation. 4. Reducing supplier risk and support business continuity. 5. Cost cutting contribute to profits. Get insights from different companies which aligns with similar values as of global Health Products.
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