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2 Nonresponse and Response Bias LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Distinguish between nonresponse and response bias in & S1(Ufe)Y, €00 Customers were asked "Why didn't you buy anything?" when they left the store without ELple =W olU] ol g EE{IWAN (X VR o UES (o] g ST SSRST=Tol s ST U g oI g T=Te M o)At a I SN o [ U=y i oY g = Ta (e Mg F=10)Y, EISWEI=Te RV [a[e Ria k| i S\A el fe [} M I=T VYRS ac ) g Tolgg [<} (OIUES (o] [T \Y/ (g To =1 o Lo 10} VI o \YA (g TV [[o Mo [} L EUGCRC W ol [ (o s E R R 1 RV G g o] [SWel a.) deliberate .) non-response (s B I L] b) Cot |nce the blas UEE created from the responses of the customers tis e response bla ' e e https //app sophla (o] {e T o Teloy [aY (oY (Vo3 {le] s B0 (o B EYU [ ([oX- T 2 o s 1| =Yg e BN B 5/2/10731/nonresponse and-response- blas-9
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