8-1 Email

From: Director of Strategic Planning To: All Employees Regarding: Change in Benefits Good morning, everyone, I hope this email finds you well, Our benefits department has taken the concerns of all employees in regards to our current insurance provider very seriously. Employees have shown increased concerns in regards to our current insurance provider and because of this our benefits department has diligently researched other options. Employees have shown concerns regarding premiums, co-pays, coverage, and wellness programs. All of these concerns were taken into consideration when researching other options. After much research and taking into consideration the needs of the employees, the benefits department has decided to choose a new insurance carrier for the next year. We are excited to share with you all of the added enhancements our new insurance provider offers. Employees will have the option to choose from multiple deductible options, allowing more flexibility and benefits as the employee so chooses. Employees will have access to a Health Care saving account, allowing them access to funds to help pay towards co-pays, coinsurance, and your deductible. It can also be utilized towards other items not covered by your insurance plan such as eye care.
A wellness program that offers access to weight management will be made available to all employees. This program offers incentives for wellness visits and activity logs, as well as reimbursements for gym memberships and smoking cessation programs. o Members that engage in this wellness program will be eligible for reduced premiums. An improved dental plan will also be an added benefit to the changes being made this year. Additional reductions in rates will be available for in network usage. These new benefits will go into effect on January 1, 2024. Open enrollments will begin in October of this year and employees will be given further information as to plan options and pricing at that time. Please contact myself or the benefits department if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to assist in any way possible. Sincerely, Cristina Trejo Director of Strategic planning
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