Individual Case Analysis 9.1

Chase McName - MGMT 4470.0071 (1555) 1 Individual Case Analysis 9.1: Am I Really a Leader? Chase McName University of North Texas at Dallas MGMT 4470.0071 (1555) Leadership Professor Matthew L. Houston April 18, 2023
Chase McName - MGMT 4470.0071 (1555) 2 Abstract This paper is an individual case analysis on case "9.1: Am I Really a Leader?" from the book "Leadership: Theory and Practice 8th Edition" by Peter G. Northouse. I will write about the main characters, series of events, problems that arise, solutions for the problems, further explore the root problem, and answer the questions at the end of the case study. Keywords: authentic, leadership, followers, interactions, problem, analysis, changes, relationship
Chase McName - MGMT 4470.0071 (1555) 3 Individual Case Analysis 9.1: Am I Really a Leader? (1) The main character of the individual case study "9.1: Am I Really a Leader?" is Sally Helgesen, an author and writer who was born in the small Midwest town of Saint Cloud, Minnesota. (2) Chronological series of events - a. After attending a local state college, Sally moved to New York, where she found work as a freelance writer. b. Sally returned to school, completing a degree in classics at Hunter College and taking language courses at the city graduate center in preparation for a PhD in comparative religion. c. Inner conflict arises for Sally, the dream of becoming a college professor or continuing freelance writing. d. Sally encounters a black cat one day in New York and has an epiphany. She decides she is a writer and takes an opportunity to move to Fort Worth, Texas to cover a prominent murder trial. e. While in Texas, Sally decides to write her first book on the role of independent oil producers in the shaping region. Refusing to give up, she completed her task by publishing the book "Wildcatters" (1981), and although she received little recognition for the book, she was full of confidence and commitment. f. Sally moves back to New York and begins writing freelance articles again, along with speeches for the CEO at a Fortune 500 company.
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