BSBPMG420AE 1CS1of4Task 1LEam

Stakeholder consultation - Launch Event To assist you to define what the key people and stakeholders require for their specific project list six (6) questions below to: 1. establish what the stakeholders want to achieve with the project 2. determine the specific deliverables of the project Ensure you use 'open-ended' questions. Question 1: What are your primary objectives for this event? Question 2: How will the completion of this project impact the organization? Question 3: What key challenges do you anticipate? Question 4: What specific outcomes do you want to see the event deliver? Question 5 Can you provide examples of similar projects that were successful in the past? Question 6 How will success be measured for this project? Plan2go: Stakeholder consultation [ 1 ] Created: 10-05-2009 | Last Updated 25/10/2023
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