Discussion 1

Hi everyone, My name is Brittaney. I am a mother of three, twin eight-year-old girls and a seven-year- old boy. I live in a small town in southeast Texas. I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in general studies with a concentration on business administration. I am also enrolled in a teaching program in the hopes of becoming a certified teacher next year. I am currently working as a paraprofessional at my local school district and hope to one day open my own tutoring business. The first group to come to mind when reading the prompt for the discussion was the football board that I am a member of. The board consists of nine members that each have their own role. Each of the members' roles are intertwined and rely on the other members completing their tasks for them to complete their own tasks. I am responsible for concessions and spending reports. My main role in this group is that of an information giver. I am responsible for getting information from the bank accounts, keeping records of sales, and inventory. However, throughout the year if a problem arises sometimes, we change roles. This year we had a problem with the score board. We all knew what was causing the issues and we all began to look for answers. We brainstormed on how to fix the issues. At this point I was performing the role of initiator-contributor. When we have a formal meeting I also sometimes serve as a recorder. This depends on who is present and if the secretary can be there. If the secretary is unable to attend the meeting, I am responsible for recording the information and then typing the minutes to be signed by all present members. This is my third year being part of this team. We have so far had three successful seasons of football and cheer. We can measure our success by not only the on-field winning but also by the number of people that return to sign up the following year. Financially we know that we are successful when we cannot only purchase the items that are needed for daily operations such as field maintenance, concession stand inventory, and bills but we are also able to purchase additional equipment, sponsor children to play, and host a party at the end of the year while still maintaining more than the minimum bank balance. My role on the team helps raise money for the league. Without me keeping inventory in the concession stand we would not know what to buy or what did not sell well. The concession stand is the main source of extra funding for the league. Without the bank reports we would not know how much we could spend on any item or be able to keep records for tax purposes. At the end of the year all the expense reports and income reports are used to complete our taxes. It is very important for these to be correct otherwise we risk losing our nonprofit status. Resources Bauer, T. (2019). Leadership and Team Building v3.0.1: Custom book for SNHU only (4th ed.). Flat World Knowledge. https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/books/978- 1-4533-3446-1
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