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Running head: 2-2 SHORT PAPER 1 2-2 Short Paper: Wharton Human Resources Topic Reflection Southern New Hampshire University OL-620-X5356 Total Rewards Instructor: Dr. Bobby Burcham July 16, 2023
2-2 SHORT PAPER 2 2-2 Short Paper: Wharton Human Resources Topic Reflection Throughout this paper will be looking at an article called, Finding Balance in a Post- pandemic Workplace by Knowledge at Wharton. We will at what human resource strategies were discussed, and how the strategy addresses the issue within human resources. Furthermore, we will look at a comparison of human resource strategy from the article to my organization Oklahoma Department of Corrections. To better understand we will also see if any differences could have been made. Human Resources Strategy Since Covid most organizations of completely returned to a post-covid workplace. Many that are returning to the workplace have reservations since during covid organizations allowed employees to work from home. Through this article it talked about the big return to work, and how employees are asking for more flexibility, pay, and a better work-life balance. The human resource strategy in this article is interesting. The article talks about how the Monday through Friday schedule is a dinosaur and old, and that flexibility to the new way (Basiouny, 2022). The new way is called the hybrid model. It allows for the organization to be flexible with the employee, but still have them visible on days. This allows the employees to feel included but heard. Employees want to enjoy their workplace. The strategy is having supervisors provide a roadmap to employees with a clear understanding of the goals, expectations, and duties that will create emotional intelligence within the workplace (Basiouny, 2022). The second part of the strategy is trusting the employee and allowing them the flexibility to reach their goals. Giving the employees to be creative, agile, and innovative. The third part is providing immediate feedback to establish continuous learning behaviors that will not only help the organization, but the employee.
2-2 SHORT PAPER 3 Comparison When looking at the comparison of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to this article I can say that within my organization they are flexible to a point. This human resource strategy is a good strategy when it comes to the workplace of a normal 9-5 position. Unfortunately, with corrections, there are prisons involved and 24/7 staff. Therefore, this strategy only applies to the administration staff within the facilities, and probation and parole. From what I see within my organization is that they provide a lot of opportunities to gain knowledge and training. Our organization just switched to a paid-per-performance plan which requires all employees to be on the same cycle for reviews which is a great thing. This is an area that was failing within our organization, so doing this helps us to know our goals, duties, and what areas we need improvement on, ad based on the review we get a bonus. I do that this created more open communication within our leadership and since covid allowed for more flexibility. For this week I would have two in the office and two at home. I got more work done at home. This strategy has more positives than negatives. Human Resource Leader If I was in the role of a human resource leader, I would say an area that would need to be focused on would be to have a telework agreement along with a policy. This is an area that the strategy in the article did not discuss. I do think that article provided a lot of information that is beneficial to the employee. I would educate employees on work and home balance and time management. This will give employees flexibility and to have a balance between work and home life. This also would allow employees to not use as much leave and allow them to go to appointments and still make their hours. Furthermore, it lessens the commute, less gas, and more money in the employees' pockets making their morel go up (Heathfield, 2021). It provided the employee with control of their working environment which in turn helps the organization save on energy bills and housing bills. Conclusion Overall, after reviewing this article it is clear that Covid has created a new way that organizations have taken. The article stated that the flexibility and the ability of employees to make their on schedule has helped the employees to be more productive and boosted their morale. This is something that I agree with and would not change if I was a leader. I think that employees need to feel that they are heard and understand that there is a balance between work and home life. This will allow the organization to maintain employees, keep morale up, and continue to make a profit.
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