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DISCUSSION 1 Leadership for SCM Course code: SCM140 Student name: Karanvir Singh Student Id: A00174771 Professor Name: Prof. Amit Ghosh Assignment due date: October 12, 2023
1. What does leadership mean to you? Give your view in 50 - 75 words To me, leadership is the act of leading people toward a common goal by inspiring, encouraging, and empowering people to achieve their best. This involves defining an inspiring vision, promoting cooperation, displaying integrity, empathy, and decisiveness. True leadership is not only about sailing the ship but also allowing the crew to manage the details within a general direction of march. 2. What is the difference, if any, between management and leadership? Give your view in 75 to 100 words In fact, management and leadership are different but complementary. This involves processes of planning, organization, and control which are concerned with managing of process and resources towards achieving desired objectives in an efficient way. It's task- oriented. Conversely, leadership is people-oriented and future-focused. It's about instilling in others the need for teamwork. Success in many effective organizations requires mixes of management and leadership skills.
3. What are some of the key behaviors and actions you took whenever you've been at your own best as a leader? State in not more than 100 words. When I am at my best in leadership, truthful and direct communication has always been my top priority. I have always ensured that every team member's idea and concern is given full attention, creating a platform for them to feel they are being heard and respected. I have demonstrated commitment, integrity, and hard work, leading by example. I have also displayed other important styles of behaviors such as encouraging teamwork, recognizing individual contributions, and adjusting my styles of leadership according to the given situation. 4. Are leaders born or made? State your view in not more than 50 words Leaders are made. One is that some people may have innate qualities that make them good leaders but most successful leadership skills is learnt by practices and experiences. Anyone who wishes grow personally and professionally, can develop leadership.
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