MGMT8550-23W - Sec 3 FSQA - Project Mgmt - Instructional Plan v1

MGMT8550-23W-3; Introduction to Project Mgmt Instructional Plan Page 1 of 5 Week 1 Jan 10 Readings Assignments Introduction to Project Management Define the characteristics of a project. Explain the need for project management. Describe project management and discuss key elements of the project management framework, including project constraints, project stakeholder, and project knowledge areas. Describe the role and suggested skills of the project manager. Describe the project management profession, the role of professional organizations like the Project Management Institute, the importance of certification and ethics, and the growth of project management software such as MS Project. Class Work - Group Project Form groups. Schwalbe Chapter 1 Homework: Form project groups Submit groups Consider potential project ideas. Due Jan 17 (Send in group members and topic by email.) . Week 2 Jan 17 Readings Assignments Initiating Projects Describe the five project management processes and map them to the project management knowledge areas. Describe the initiating processes. Prepare a business case to justify the need for a project. Identify project stakeholders and perform a stakeholder analysis. Create a project charter to formally initiate a project. Describe the importance of holding an effective project kick-off meeting. New Product Commercialization - The process of launching a new food product. For use in the group project proposal. Class Work - Group Project - Discuss group project proposal and potential topics. Schwalbe Chapter 3 Homework: Grp Project Project Proposal Due Jan 24 Week 3 - Jan 24 Readings Assignments Planning Projects - Integration and Scope Management Describe the importance of creating project plans to guide project execution. Discuss the project integration management planning process. Explain the purpose of the team contract and project management plan. Discuss the importance of requirement gathering documents such as the requirements management plan and requirements traceability matrix. Create a project scope statement, work breakdown structure (WBS), and WBS dictionary. Schwalbe Chapter 4 Homework: Group Project - Project Charter Due Jan 31
MGMT8550-23W-3; Introduction to Project Mgmt Instructional Plan Page 2 of 5 Week 4 - Jan 31 Readings Assignments Planning Projects - Schedule Management - Prepare an activity list, milestone list, network diagram, activity resource requirements, activity duration estimates, and project schedule. Schwalbe Chapter 5 p147-171 Homework: Individual Assignment #1 Due Feb 7 Group Project: Project Scope Statement WBS Both Due Feb 7 Week 5 - Feb 9 or 10 - ' COMPUTER LAB ' -check your timetable - in person on Cambridge campus Readings Assignments Class Work In Computer Lab session: Learn how to use MS Project scheduling software to make a Gantt chart Complete Individual Assignment #2 ' in on-line class ' . (5pts). Reference for computer lab: Appendix A p. 389-429 Homework: Group Project - Schedule Due Feb 14 Week 6 - Feb 14 Readings Assignments Planning Projects - Cost Management Create cost estimates, budget and cost baseline. Planning Projects - Quality and Resource Management, Communications, o Discuss the project quality management planning process and explain the purpose and content of a quality management plan, project dashboard, quality metrics, and quality check lists. o Explain the project human resources planning process. o Describe the importance of using a project communications management plan. Schwalbe Chapter 5 p. 172-181 Chapter 6 Homework: Cost Estimate Due Feb 21 Individual Ass't 3 Due Feb 21
MGMT8550-23W-3; Introduction to Project Mgmt Instructional Plan Page 3 of 5 Week 7 - Feb 21 Readings Assignments Planning Projects - Stakeholder, Risk Management, Procurement Management Describe the importance of planning stakeholder management Explain the project risk planning processes. o Discuss the project procurement management planning process. Schwalbe Chapter 6 Homework: Risk Register Due Mar 7 Week 8- Feb 28 - STUDENT SUCCESS WEEK - NO CLASSES Week 9 - Mar 7 Readings Assignments Executing Projects - Integration, Quality Management, Resource, Review o Discuss the importance of producing promised deliverables, implementing solutions to problems, evaluating work performance and change requests. o Explain the importance of recommending corrective actions and updating project-related information as part of quality assurance. o Describe the executing processes performed as part of resource management, including leveling resources, assigning staff, and assessing team performance. Mid-term Exam Review Schwalbe Chapter 7 Homework: Work on Individual Assignment #4 Due Mar 28 STUDY FOR MID- TERM EXAM on Mar 14 Week 10 - Mar 14 - MID TERM EXAM Readings Assignments Mid-term Exam (20 Points) Week 11 - Mar 21 Readings Assignments Executing Projects - Communication and Procurement Management, Stakeholder o Describe the process of managing communications during project execution. o Explain the executing processes performed as part of procurement management. Schwalbe Chapter 7 Start Work on Final Report Due Apr 4
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