ASSIGNMENT 1 Completed by Jenn Ward Reviewed by 1. Company Annual Report Date : ____12/31/2021________ 2. Information about the company : What is the industry classification for the company (according to Fortune )? Motor Vehicles & Parts Describe the nature of the company's business. Ford Motor Company is a global motor vehicle manufacturer. List the company's primary products or services (use brand names where available). Ford and Lincoln vehicles both gas and electric and private financing through Ford Credit What is the address of the company's corporate headquarters? 1 American Road Dearborn, MI 48126 What is the address of the company's Web site? https://www.ford.com https://corporate.ford.com https://shareholder.ford.com List other countries in which the company operates: Manufacturing, Production, Assembly: Argentina, Canada, Germany, China, India, Mexico, Romania, South Africa, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Venezuela, and Vienam
Globally shop in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America What were the company's revenues for the most recent fiscal year (year and figure)? 2021 - $136,341,000,000 (including $10,073,000,000 in revenue from Ford Credit) Who is the chairman of the company's board of directors? William Clay Ford, Jr. Who is the company's CEO? James D. Farley, Jr. 3. Provide the following market data : On what stock exchange is the company's stock traded? New York Stock Exchange What is the ticker symbol for the company? F What was the price of the company's stock at the end of one day during this past week? Price: _______$11.36__________ Date: _____10/10/2022_________ What were the lowest and highest stock prices during the past year? 52-week low: _______$10.61______ 52-week high: ___$25.87_______ 4 . Obtain a recent (within 9 months) article about the company . Attach a copy of the article with your submission (not a link) . Do not place article within this document. Name of article:
Green Giants Source of article (name of magazine or newspaper, date, page numbers): New Yorker, 01/31/2022, Volume 97, Issue 47, Pages 40-49 Summarize the article and include an opinion on the article topic. Use complete sentences, well-organized paragraphs a nd an introduction and conclusion. Your summary should be no fewer than 100 words in length and no more than 350 words. This is a summary, do not rewrite the article. Make sure all important points are included in your summary as well as your opinion or comment on the article . Ford Motor Company hopes to increase its competitiveness in the world of electric vehicles, and to help conserve energy from our depleting resources, by 'electrifying' some of their most popular models. Ford has pledged that in 2030 40% of their global sales will be electric vehicles. I feel this is a good move for the company to make. More and more people are becoming mindful of their carbon footprint and trying to do what they can to offset this. While it is always difficult in the beginning, I feel that once that company gains more footing with their electric line, they will see great revenue.
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