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Memo: In this first idea I could write a memo regarding an employee's lack of effort in cleaning the houses and maintaining the grounds overall. This email will let the employee know that customers have filed complaints about the cleanliness of the homes they were renting out and some even saw things like broken lamps and stains on couches. This email will let them know this is very serious and must be fixed immediately and the steps that need to be taken next to correct this problem. CASA Rentals To: Cleaning Staff From: Management Direct Date: 2/16 Subject: Dirty Properties Dear Cleaning Staff, I am writing this to inform all of the cleaning staff that there have been several complaints regarding the cleanliness of the properties guests have booked at. There have been more than 10 complaints in the past month about this issue and I would like you all to take this as a serious matter. Our main priority is to ensure customers leave satisfied with our services, however hearing that our properties are dirty and unorganized just shows how we need to reevaluate all of the staff's skills. With that being said there will be a mandatory meeting regarding cleaning and organizing the properties after guests have left. The meeting will be in the main office tomorrow, February 17th at 3 pm. We understand people make mistakes and forget things, however, making sure the guests have a clean space to stay and enjoy themselves is a very big deal when it comes to customer satisfaction. I will see everyone in the main office tomorrow , thank you for everyone's understanding and cooperation! Thank you, General Manager Caroline Musial
Letter: This letter will be sent out to an individual employee letting them know that they are in violation of their maximum working hours. They must get these extra hours approved before deciding to do them. There will be penalties or possibly termination if this continues. February 16th, 2023 General Manager CASA Rentals 1234 W Main Street Tempe, Arizona 86356 Dear John Doe, It has come to our attention that you have been clocking in way too many hours for the past two months. The maximum hours allowed for the cleaning staff is 42 and you have been clocking in well over 50 hours. To be able to work these extra hours and get overtime for them you must reach out to the main office and get approved for them as we have many other employees that need overtime hours. If this continues further, there will be penalties and in an extreme case termination may occur. Please reach out to us and we can work something out as you are our most loyal employee and we appreciate all of the hard work you do for this company. Thanks, Caroline musial General Manager (623) 282 4333 [email protected]
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