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chapt. 5-6 Leave the first rating Terms in this set (20) Textbook solutions for this set Search for a textbook or question le Information Technology Project Management: Providing Measurable Organizational Value 5th Edition ISBN: 9781118898208 Jack T. Marchewka 346 solutions Barnum needs to head in a different direction with innovative ideas if it is to remain competitive with other hotel chains Which of the following, if true, most likely undermines Marie's decision to fill top positions with inside candidates? validity Which of the following terms refers to the accuracy with which a test fulfills the function for which it was designed? analyzing the job The first step in the test validation process is chapt. 5-6 Study
physical abilities As part of the selection process for a position at UPS, Jack has been asked to lift weights and jump rope. Which of the following is most likely being measured by UPS? neuroticism Which of the following personality dimensions represents a tendency to exhibit poor emotional adjustment and experience negative effects such as anxiety, insecurity, and hostility? agreeableness The tendency for one to be trusting, compliant, caring, and gentle is the personality dimensions known as achievement tests Which of the following is used to measure job knowledge? management assessment center A ______________ is a multi-day simulation in which candidates perform realistic tasks in hypothetical situations and are scored on their performance defamation Elliot, a manager at Harwood Publishing, gave a bad reference to a former employee. Elliot could most likely be accused of __________ if the information is both false and harmful determine if an applicant is eligible to work in the U.S. E-Verify (I-9 Form) is primarily used by employers to deciding what positions to fill What is the first step in the recruitment and selection process? chapt. 5-6
strategic business planning A firm's __________ should guide employment planning and determine the types of skills and competencies the firm needs trend analysis Which of the following terms refers to studying a firm's past employment needs over a period of years to predict future needs? 5 Newton Building Supplies hopes to generate an extra $4 million in sales next year. A salesperson traditionally generates $800,000 in sales each year. Using ratio analysis, how many new salespeople should Newton hire? skills inventories When managers need to determine which current employees are available for promotion or transfer, they will most likely use outsourcing Smith Industries is thinking of having another company take care of its benefits management. This is called: recruiting yield pyramid A __________ is used to calculate the number of applicants a firms must generate to hire the required number of new employees. potential to lose employees who aren't promoted Which of the following is the primary disadvantage of using internal sources of candidates to fill vacant positions in a firm? provide the agency with an accurate job description Newton Manufacturing is using a private employment agency to recruit individuals for management positions. As the HR manager at Newton, you need to ensure the applicants are screened properly, so you should chapt. 5-6
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