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Oct 29, 2023
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JOURNAL 3 ASSIGNMENT #1 Ch.5--PLANNING--What is your vision for your career and life? How will you try to make it happen? How can you facilitate goal achievement? What MBO principles could assist you with achieving your goals? Pertaining to my future work self-salience (12/18), I have a moderate ability to imagine my future. In addition, I scored a (23/30) on current behaviors and future orientation. Next, I have a high upward career aspirations (19/25). In total, I have a high future career identity (62/80). My goal is to attain a degree in Accounting from GMU, working towards my CPA certification, and ultimately establishing my own business is a vision that fills me with immense pride and determination. Becoming a Certified Public Accountant represents a commitment to excellence and a dedication to the world of finance and accounting. In order to turn vision into reality, I must understand the work and sacrifice involved in my journey. First and foremost, I should establish specific short and long term goals. Then, pay attention to further facilitate my knowledge and skills at school. Also, I will aim to build a strong professional network and seek mentorship for feedbacks. Furthermore, I will seek internship opportunities gain further insights and practical experience. In regards to CPA exam, I plan to attend prep courses, review materials, and utilize study guides. Last but not least, I understand that challenges and setbacks are a natural part of any journey. I should remain persistent and stay relentless in the pursuit of my goals. The MBO principles that could assist me with achieving my goals are setting realistic goals, translating objectives into goals, monitoring progress and feedback. Ch. 6--Strategic Thinking--Discuss your results of your strategic thinking level-Are you high or Low? How could you improve? Discuss what your organization does to promote strategic thinking. How can you engage more in this process? I received a (39/50), which aligned with high strategic thinking. Strategic thinking can be extremely beneficial in improving both the individual and his/her organization. I have developed a plan to improve my strategic thinking level. First of all, I need to learn to ask the right questions. Chosen questions must have a perfect balance of inquiry and advocacy. Second, I must broaden my knowledge and recognize that learning is a continuing process. I must stay informed with current business trends and updates. Third, I plan to keep my specific long-term goals in mind when it comes to decision making and keep my company's interest ahead of my own. At my current organization, our leaders provide ongoing training for staff and interns to promote strategic thinking. In addition, our firm has clear and defined vision with specific short and long term goals for each quarter. Furthermore, our firm provides autonomy for the employees and foster a constructive relationship between departments. Currently, I am engaging in this process by taking the initiative to educate my self on strategic thinking, encompassing reading books, and attend seminars. Also, I frequently share ideas with my mentor and supervisor in order to receive feedback and evaluations.
Ch. 6--Core Skills for Strategic Planning--Based on your results, do you think you would like to make a career out of strategic planning? Why or why not? What appeals or does not appeal to you about this career? Explain. How might you enhance your strategic skills? Discuss. According to the assessment, I have moderate strategic planning skills (37/60). My score is in the moderate range, which indicates my belief in having some of the skills necessary for strategic planning, but there is room for improvement. At this stage in my career, I am uncertain whether I would like to make a career out of strategic planning. While I understand the significance of strategic planning, I also realize the requirement for additional time and practical experience to enhance my abilities in strategic thinking. Furthermore, I am drawn to diverse sectors within the broader realm of business, especially accounting, which has held my appeal. As I maneuver through the early stages of my career, my intention is to maintain an open-minded approach, affording myself the freedom to inquire into different paths and uncover my genuine passions and strengths. Personally, the unappealing side of a career in strategic planning can be illuminated by its inherent challenges, such as the often rigid and inflexible nature of the role. I prefer a role with tremendous flexibility and opportunity for autonomy. One of the ways I could improve my strategic planning skill is to further develop my analytical planning skills. I must take into account my company's vision and strengths while considering its strengths and weaknesses. I must constantly ask myself about what matters the most to my organization. I need to envision the big picture and help to unpack problems accordingly.
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