MBA 5045 Week 8 Discussion Question - Response 2

Week 8 Discussion Question Identify some organizational implications of occupational injuries and illness penalties for non- compliance. Also, identify some ways that managers and employees create a safe work environment. Penalties for non-compliance with occupational health and safety regulations can have significant organizational implications for businesses. One of the most significant implications would be the financial costs. Penalties for non-compliance may include fines, legal fees and increases in insurance premiums that can affect the organization's bottom line. Non-compliance could also lead to difficulties for the organization in obtaining insurance coverage or obtaining favorable rates when renewal of insurance coverage is due. Lost time and resources to manage the aftermath of occupational injuries can be an indirect penalty for the organization, as it can lead to safety audits and inspections by the regulatory authorities. These audits/inspections can divert time and resources from regular operations. Operation disruption may also occur as machinery or equipment involved in the non-compliance may be removed from service, inspected, and repaired. The organization's reputation can also be damaged by non-compliance with occupational health and safety regulations or a workplace accident. Negative news can impact relationships with customers, suppliers, and investors. It could also create employee retention challenges and employee morale. Creating a safe workplace is a shared responsibility that includes both managers and employees. A joint effort is needed within the entire workforce that requires ongoing communication, training, and a commitment to safety at all levels. It is the responsibility of managers to establish effective safety policies and provide adequate training. Employees are responsible for following safety procedures and reporting safety concerns. The establishment of a safety committee that includes both managers and employees can help promote a safe environment throughout the organization. It allows for diverse viewpoints, increase employee involvement, and improves communication.
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