BADM 350 Week 7 EC Assignment

Ernest Rabayev 03/05/2023 RST 120 Week 7 Extra Credit Climate change has a significant impact on the conservation and preservation debate, as it poses a major threat to natural ecosystems and the species that rely on them. For us to understand the impact climate change has on the debate we need to first understand the meaning of conservation and preservation. Conservation is the idea that we manage and protect our environment from harmful human activity in a sustainable way while preservation is the idea that we need to try to keep our environment the same as before, almost like we're holding on to what's left of it. Understanding the fact that our world is changing at a very fast rate is very important. We're at a point where our development as a planet is the fastest it's ever been and no matter how hard we try we just cannot keep nature the same anymore. Instead of trying to hold on to the past, we need to look into the future and ask ourselves, how can we keep our nature and all the species that live on this planet safe going forward? Over the past decades, we've seen many species go extinct or get very close to that point not because of our harmful actions but due to our ignorance to help them. A factor that causes the need for help is the rapid climate change that planet Earth has been experiencing. The laws that we have in place to protect our nature and the species that inhabit our planet were written at a time when everyone thought that the planet would stay the same. Lesley Hughes, an environmentalist, suggested that we move some of the species that are in danger of
extinction due to climate change somewhere else in the world, perhaps even create new habitats where we could place those species. In conclusion, climate change is making us realize that we physically cannot preserve the nature that was once there. On the other hand, it's making us act in a way where we look into the future, it makes us think in an innovative way.
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