MGMT1003 S2 2023 Major essay question (30%) Word limit: 1500 words (+/- 10%) Case study - UNA Advisory You are the manager of UNA's graduate recruitment program, a Canberra-based professional services firm, with clients from both government and industry. UNA engages in management consulting, project management, and advisory services. The high-level work UNA is involved in require staff who are highly motivated and capable of handling high volume of work. UNA Functional managers who are supervising graduates have raised concerns about the current batch of graduate recruits, articulating concerns regarding a mismatch between personality and the job, and of overall motivation of graduates. The latest cohort of Gen Z graduates, the generation growing up in the age of the internet, and of the attention economy, is markedly different to the millennial generation who's now dominating managerial and leadership positions at UNA. Being one of the first managers in UNA hailing from Gen Z, you are uniquely placed in your understanding of graduates as people, and as future professionals. Essay question: Given your position and your unique attributes, the CEO of UNA have asked you to write a research paper to argue whether the personality of Gen Z employees makes it harder for Millennial managers to motivate them Notes: You are recommended to use roughly half of the word count for the motivation dimension and for the personality dimension. The word count does not include the reference list.
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