Week Four Discussion Board

Week Four Discussion Board Based on the readings this week answer the following: A. Do you feel that schools should be controlled with community or central district leadership? Why? I feel that both are necessary for a school district to run smoothly. Community control or school board members are necessary as they can provide viewpoints educators may not consider. Having central district leadership allows for the support educators need within their classrooms from those who know nd understand the classroom environment. While community members can provide support for their local educators, they are only able to do so much which is why I think it is necessary to be a part of a school. B. Do we need principles in ethics, why or why not? Yes, principles in ethics are needed. Principles in ethics act as a guide for us to decipher right from wrong and responsible decision-making. Ethical principles are also a way of ensuring we take responsibility for our actions, decisions, and what or how we teach. This ensures that teachers are respectful towards colleagues, students, and any other professionals within the schools. C. How do these tie together? In what way? Community and central control tie in with the need for ethical principles in the sense that responsible decision-making and understanding right from wrong are crucial for a healthy learning environment for students. The community and central leadership need to have respect for each other and their opinions or ideas while understanding not all decisions might be right.
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