W12 Reflection

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Oct 28, 2023
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This week we learned all about self-reliance and microcredit. Self-reliance comes from changing our cognitions because this leads us to change our behaviors and gain assets that will propel us in the future. If we want to make a change in the world and change poverty, we must teach people how to be self-reliant. Microcredit is the expansion of exceptionally little advances to devastated borrowers who commonly need a guarantee. Microcredit is meant to help different business ventures. I really enjoyed the video "How Can Self-Reliance Eliminate Poverty" it helped me understand better how making one change can lead to a multitude of change. I really liked applying it to my own social issue because at first, I didn't think it was applicable but when I started thinking about it, I realized how important it was to create a lasting change. That through changing a person's cognition about themselves it will change their actions will changes their behaviors and then ultimately their assets.
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