08:14 all ¥ @) < Quick Notes [fi ¢ WOENAAL INANWAAL W1 W TWMUE WORNWAILIL 1 IWWN1 VAW DT IWwWWwWw LD W that they can know what is expected from them in order to make the business efficient. The code of conduct serves not only as an internal guideline for employees, but also as an external statement of corporate values and commitments. For Portfolio Project Part 1, you will develop the code of conduct for the employees in your online vegetarian business. Make sure that the document includes at least 4 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) with the following sections: 1) Mission statement and values 2) Workplace policies and procedures - Include at least 5 rules and practices that you consider the most important for business. 3) Industry compliance and regulations 4) Disciplinary actions o= ® |
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