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Oct 28, 2023
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Self Evaluation/Team Evaluation This is a two part assignment. The first part is your self evaluation. The second part is an evaluation of your team members. Complete both parts and follow the instructions given by your instructor on turning it in this document. Part 1: Self evaluation Please describe your specific contributions to the team. Your answers to the questions below can be a bulleted list or short summary paragraph. Collaboration Reflection 1. In general, how do you feel the team worked together? How does this compare to other teams you've worked in? What specifically did you learn about collaborating productively? - Our team worked well from the start, we identified the parts of the assignment and assigned a specific part to each member. This is not different from the other groups I've worked with; we've set a goal and met it each time. Regarding collaboration and productivity, splitting one large item into multiple smaller tasks has been efficient in getting the most work done with the least strain on the individual. 2. Were there any specific obstacles your team had to overcome? How well do you feel your team handled this situation? What skills did your team use to overcome obstacles? - One specific obstacle was the main objective of our project, while most of the group was onboard with 'Mental Health', I was more hesitant, seeing the 'Mental Health' issue as an unnecessary expenditure for the university. I handled this by following along with the majority vote. 3. Identify conflicts your team encountered and explain how those conflicts were managed? How else could you have handled those conflicts? Are you satisfied with the resolution? Would you handle the conflict differently if you handled the situation now? - No conflicts were made, all decisions were agreed upon by a majority vote. 4. How did you motivate and provide assistance or encouragement to teammates? - Teammates and I were motivated by the deadline, as this set a point of expected material. 5. How did the team contract/charter help you think through the process of collaborating? Did you refer back to the contract/charter as you worked? Did your team's contract/charter overlook any aspects of collaboration that you wish, in hindsight, it had addressed?
- This group/team assignment did not change much on my view of collaboration. We all had a common goal in mind, which was to earn an optimal grade for the assignment. Course Reflection 1. What have you learned about purpose and audience in professional and technical writing? - Coming from a corporate background of 5 years, there isn't much that I learned from the purpose and audience. From what I've seen thus far, the material is more focused on the work an individual in a 'Human Resources' department may need to use. 2. How have you adapted or changed your writing to adopt a professional and technical writing style? - My writing style has not changed much, I wrote in a similar manner as described in this course. 3. What aspects of document design will most significantly influence your own writing going forward? - Being that my future career goals do not involve document design, I do not anticipate significant influence on future work. 4. How did the collective feedback (CFF) approach help you, or not, revise your work? - The CFF was not useful, with other groups/individuals earning much lower marks on their assignments it was hard to identify which was applicable to my own work. 5. How does collective feedback (CFF) compare to other forms of feedback you've received (e.g. class discussion, conferences, individual feedback, etc.)? - CFF compared to other forms of feedback is an outlier that would not be considered for material input. Receiving a general statement on a classes' work as a whole, for individual assignments, holds no explicit value on the individual assignment itself. Part II: Team Evaluation Your Name: Dylan Schlyer Date: 04/30/2023 Remember: This evaluation should be in first person. You should be reflecting honestly on this project and on your and your team members' contributions to completing the assigned deliverables. Refer back to your team charter to help you make an accurate assessment. Only your instructor will read your responses. Section #1: Evaluate your own contribution to the team Please place an "X" in each row to indicate your evaluation of your own work. Professional = Exceeded all expectations and/or exceptionally completed project tasks as assigned
Adequate = Consistently fulfilled all expectations and/or project tasks as assigned Inadequate = Inadequately fulfilled expectations and/or incompletely or insufficiently completed project tasks as assigned Contribution Professional Adequate Inadequate Professional Adequate Inadequate Abided by all provisions of the team contract/charter X Attended team meetings X Contributed ideas X Helped write project sections as assigned X Helped revise/edit projects sections as assigned X Helped in production of project (e.g. conducting research, selecting or designing visuals, etc.) X Section #2: Evaluate each team member's contribution to the team Team member 1: Andie Gonzalez Do you feel that this team member contributed fairly, fully, and equally to this group? If so, why? If not, why not? Reference your minutes with specific dates to substantiate your claims. Andie, as well as all other team members, went above and beyond in their portion of the assignment as well as support/responses to questions about other tasks. She was able to complete her tasks on time and did not cause any delays with team work or submissions Please place an "X" in each row next to indicate your evaluation of your teammate's work. Contribution Professional Adequate Inadequate Professional Adequate Inadequate Abided by all provisions of the team contract/charter X Attended team meetings X Contributed ideas X Helped write project sections as assigned X
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