(Week 5) Alexus Thrasher HA 410 Research Methods in Healthcare Management Survey 08062023

Relationship to observer, please circle one: (Friend, Family, Associate, Classmate, Other) Good Time Management Survey Please answer each question honestly and as descriptively as possible. 1. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "not important" and 5 being "extremely important," please rate the importance of setting clear goals for effective time management. 2. How often do you prioritize and plan your daily tasks to manage your time efficiently? (Options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Rarely, Never) 3. Which of the following strategies do you find most effective for improving time management? (Options: Prioritization, Time Blocking, Delegation, Minimizing Distractions, Others - Please specify) 4. What challenges do you face while trying to manage your time effectively? 5. In your opinion, which personal attribute is most crucial for good time management? (Options: Discipline, Self-Motivation, Organization, Adaptability, Others - Please specify) Thank you for your time, honesty, and participation in this survey, the information you provided will remain confidential.
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