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Training is a critical component of human resource management in any organization. If a company uses ineffective training methods, it can have far-reaching results outside of the workplace. To illustrate how the training helped and supported people at the company in this paper, I will use the example of Wilson Brothers to explain how the informal training had brought the benefit of helping their employees whether the employee is a new hire or an existing one. Informal training is one type of training that a company can use. This type of training provides flexible learning for different types of employees and job needs. By participating in various types of informal training, such as game workshops or online workshops, employees can learn and adopt new knowledge. As Kamy Anderson explained in his article "Informal learning, also known as asynchronous learning, is an unstructured way of learning that takes place away from traditional classroom settings. " (Kany,2017) Companies can use this kind of training to create a different kind of workshop or event to engage employees and make sure they receive the right training. Innovative and varied learning can be achieved through informal learning. In this kind of training, employees are supported in their development in a variety of ways. Through workshops and discussion sections, informal training enables the company to better understand its employees. The article written by Meghan Gardner uses examples to explain why the company can use different types of informal training to support the company " Develop internal workshops or practice sessions that incorporate interactive role-play and hands-on opportunities while offering constructive feedback.(Megahan Gardner , 2020) By dividing into small teams or groups, employees can develop stronger relationships together while attending the training. As technology advances, more organizations are able to benefit from informal training. This has made the training process simpler and allowed the organization to decide whether to conduct training online or in person. As the article written by the Ten Thousand Coffee team explained in the article "Promoting informal learning for employees makes career and leadership development a part of company culture. It encourages ongoing learning that can lead to a smarter, more engaged staff." (Ten Thousand Coffee,2022)Wilson Brother must carefully evaluate how to maximize the benefits of informal training in order to improve employees' skills and knowledge. As a result, an ideal work environment is created in which employees may gain a deep awareness of secure work processes and training, resulting in a fulfilling professional setting that develops a thorough understanding of sound work practices and training. As LearnDash Collaborator explained in his article "For most businesses, natural learners are an obvious asset. But to get the most from informal learning, organizations should find ways to promote and encourage it within the office environment. (Learn Dash Collaborator,2018) Because the benefits of informal learning have helped workers and companies to thrive, informal learning has become the foundation of the most recent learning mode.
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